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for Properties of the Force

12/15/2014 c2 Guest
What happened to the rest?
12/14/2014 c1 48Circle of Phoenix
I like the concept you have. The writing is very engaging and your OC has a good base of development.
12/13/2014 c1 RunningBacon
Being a guy who really likes the clones, this fic is niiiiice.
The writing and detail was good. You found excellent ways to intro the characters. And the thoughts flowed pretty well.

I am excited to see what else you are capable of in your writing and am really excited to see where this is taken. And whatever anyone else says in a review about clones not being able to have the force, ignore them. This FF and we can write what we want.

I am also looking forward to how 3033 figures out he is force sensitive, how he deals with it, how that effects him on the battle field, and what he does with it.

Another thing to note is that in an episode of The Clone Wars, Yoda actually brings up that every life form (even the clones) are tied into the living force.

In closing, I am excited to read more of this fic and hopefully drop some more reviews.
12/12/2014 c1 8Talicor

I must say! This has DEFINITELY gotten me intrigued, Voodoo!

Just what IS so different about Trey? I'm dying to know!

You have an AMAZINGLY strong beginning here! And I love it!

Super pumped to see where this goes, and your style is just truly delectable!

Look forward to more!

Ever watching!

12/12/2014 c1 1Kam I Am
This was a fantastic opening chapter. We didn't get a lot of plot here, but given how well this read I was more than okay with that. The Prolouge was intriguing, you described Geonosis well, and the line where he utters part of the Jedi Code really hit the feels. Interested to see what role this Jedi will play in the chapters to come.

The actual chapter was the real standout for me. You convey so many emotions so well, feelings of difference, doubt, fear, among others. Without having Trey say anything at all you tell us so much about his character. The point about Clones being in a constant state of worry about being deemed defective wasn't something I had thought about before, but it's a very good point.

There were some spelling errors here and there, but very readable overall. I'm eager to see if Trey has reason to be "fearful of the day ahead".
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