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12/13/2019 c11 moglefan
Wow. What an end. I kinda had the feeling it really was not going to end as something happy, but not this way. I never saw the movie you were basing it to so lots of things caught me by surprise.

Also damn, a heartbreaking Kristelsa end. With a hint of hope, maybe?

I want something Kristelsa happy after all of that!

Regardless, thank you so much for getting to finish this story. It was a damn good ride!

Also I saw you really are coming back to Changing Phases? Hell yeah. As always, I'll be waiting for your superb updates!
12/11/2019 c10 8TheLifeLongEditor
Wow! I must say this is an interesting follow-up to the last chapter. Many more interesting questions were posed, was everything that came before part of a larger conspiracy? How will Elsa get to the bottom of this mess? What pivotal role does Olaf play in the grand scheme of things? Will Kristoff and Elsa have their moment to shine?

All of these exciting questions makes me both anxious and extremely excited to read what you have in store. As I said before, this is an amazing story! Keep up the great work!


11/25/2019 c9 TheLifeLongEditor

While I’m not so active as I used to be in the fandom, I do like to check in from time to time to see if anyone else writes of my favorite Disney pairing (rare as it may be) Kristelsa, when I saw this fic at the top of the list and I thought I’d give it ago and my goodness I don’t know I missed this when you first started writing it all those years ago.

I love the story telling mechanic of Elsa retelling the events of from a future perspective, while at the same time keeping a sense of mystery and unknown. Moreover I do adore how you manage to capture the essence of these characters and keep them “realistic” to the story. All in all I can’t wait to see how this ends and I’ll be following along as you go!

Keep up the great work!


11/24/2019 c9 moglefan

You are the one I've been waiting for! All of these years~~~

I hope you're totally back now.
8/6/2016 c8 Shadowfax321
Very interesting developments. I've had my doubts about Alia...I feel like she may have a bigger part in all of this
4/17/2016 c7 Shadowfax321
Interesting...I wonder if betraying Anna caused her to lose her powers. I thought all this was in her head, but it looks like it's really happening.

So how did Elsa end up in jail? Did some evil alter ego take over and do done something. Sounded like onion elsa there at the end
3/13/2016 c6 artilyon-rand
3/11/2016 c6 Guest
Great chapter! What is Kristoff doing there at the end o.O?
3/11/2016 c6 Shadowfax321
Things really boiled over there haha. Must've been an awkward evening :P. It seems we're erring closer to what happened. I still maintain that this is in Elsa's could they suppress her powers?
2/24/2016 c5 Vox Populi 1981
Another interesting chapter, once again told in a very professional manner. I really wish I knew what in the world was going on, or where the story was going, but it has been entertaining nonetheless. Please keep up the excellent work.
2/24/2016 c4 Vox Populi 1981
Wow, I wasn't really expecting this development for a few more chapters. Again, your writing is quite remarkable. You know how to describe scenes and emotions rather well. Not many authors on this site really manage that.
2/10/2016 c5 7NicPie
Wait, what?
"Don't worry. Once this is over, we'll make sure they come to see you."
I don't like the sound of that. :-/ If it's over, why would she need them to come see her? If it's over, she should be home, where she can see them whenever she wants. I know there at the end, Alia mentions getting her out of there, but still...

And then, "At this point, I don't think it matters." ...That doesn't sound good, either. At what point? She tells her to have faith, but that seems like it implies that they're pretty much resigned to doing to her whatever it is that they want to. Like, I t doesn't matter what she does, it won't change anything.

You're making me nervous, now. :P

And uh, yay (kind of) for mutual love...? I mean, that's nice for Elsa because it's not something she thought she'd ever have, but then... Anna. :-/
2/10/2016 c4 NicPie
I see both of their POVs on that... Yes, you hold tightly to the things you love, but you also want to know you're not holding onto something that isn't mutual. You want your love to love you because they do, not because you won't let go. :-/

Kristelsa kisses are adorable, btw. Or at least, Elsa's reactions and thoughts about her first kiss are adorable. :)
2/10/2016 c3 NicPie
Yeah, Kristoff falling for her would definitely hurt Elsa more than her falling for someone she knew she coudln't have. She always puts Anna first and knowing the man that is supposed to love her sister, perhaps doesn't... at least not as much as he should, and that she's not totally innocent in the matter... I imagine that's the worst thing for her. Still, we have more questions and no answers yet as to why Elsa is where she is. Luckily we have some little hints that let us know that it'll be all right in the end: 'once and future monarch', and the reassuring tone in Alia's voice. - Can't wait to see how this continues to play out.
2/10/2016 c1 NicPie
So I decided to reread the first two because apparently I'm a few chapters behind and wanted to refresh before I caught up. - I just wanted to say that I love it just as much as I did the first time. You described Elsa's situation so well, I could feel her distress as I read. Her questions are the same questions anyone would have and that she's asking them and not getting answers has to be a really scary feeling. Being trapped and not know why or what's coming. And being powerless makes it so much worse for her, that's kind of like if it happened to us and we had one of our senses taken away. So, yeah, I'm still super curious about how that even happened, but I'm happy that you're back to writing this, so even if I don't find out as I keep reading, hopefully we'll get answers soon. :)

And I know you've had two comments about Elsa's memory loss (I happen to think they were from the same person, but why they dislike the idea so much is beyond me.) but I love the idea. It's not a common plot line for her and it makes everything so much more intriguing. You get sucked in because you have to find out the answers to these things, right along with Elsa. I think it's great and it makes things fun.
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