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3/1 c93 Guest
Hi, please dont stop writing your deleted scenes. They're lovely to read, true to character and make for smooth reading. Sam Jack
5/7/2018 c36 19CutesyBunny
I thought it was cute when his thoughts were jumbled regarding why he wanted to say bye to Carol, especially because as a shy person I can confirm this is how we typically think things through.
Again, I'm sorry for skipping chapters but they're so engaging I keep forgetting to review each one.
5/5/2018 c29 CutesyBunny
xD This was very cute... also that bit of them laughin at Glenn and Maggie was great.
5/5/2018 c26 CutesyBunny
That was so damn cute...
I always need breaks from this show 'cause it's so intense and everyone always dies, but I got back into it a couple weeks ago... And naturally, I forgot how much I loved these two's relationship.
I've kinda been reading through these without reviewing, which I'm sorry about... In case you were wondering they were all really good, and not just the ones I remembered to review xD
5/3/2018 c11 CutesyBunny
I've sped through the first ten scenes and enjoyed all of them, but this is the best one so far.
It's always really interesting to see someone's take on how they were in earlier seasons, and I feel like this was very in-character.
7/19/2017 c70 Guest
It always bugs me that emphasis on Carol as the Killer of Karen and David ... They WERE dying, everybody knew it in hindsight, drowning in their own blood, of course she didnt want to see them suffer, it's mercy ... And if it could prevent the infection and them to turn , its even wiser. Thats in-character for her, as she care about others and the group, not a cold murderer ... Rick did worse things in cold blood , and really CANT judge or get all rightous like that, it piss me off .. I likev that you underline the irony of his decision...

Its bothering me the way its bothering me each time somebody watch somebody else get eaten alive and NOT mercy-kill them so they dont suffer endlessly . Thats the least one can do if you cant save them.
#rant ;)
Keep up your good work ! Its the slowliest of subtile slow burn, I like it, I just really really hope for some canon divergence where they would finally get together in your story ;)
6/28/2016 c93 Linda
Oh boy! Firstly, thrilled to see you wrote more. This work is incredibly incredible. As a fan of the show, you honestly have your hand on the heartbeat of these characters. You fill in all the necessary things... I do hope your life permits you to write more. Thank you for this amazing work. I am grateful!
6/27/2016 c93 InsanityProne
I watch the show and think "Why don't they just kiss already?" I read this wonderful fic and think "Clearly, everyone can see that they need to just kiss already". So really, I can't comprehend why they haven't just kissed already! AANNNYWAY! Fantastic chapter as per usual, brilliant insight into the Caryl dynamic. And as always, I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/8/2016 c92 Linda
Oh hello old friend. So excited to see you've written more! I whole heartedly agree with your decision to skip Episode 7. Such a talented writer. The character development is fantabulous. I love how you show Daryl's heart, the bit about him struggling with the belief of not fulfilling the mandate of protecting those he loves. The details of the post death of Beth makes me so sad. Great job!
5/24/2016 c91 13HarryMakepeace
so well written and I miss them so much. I think it's getting harder and harder to write a Caryl story in the future. I hope you'll get on with this story bc it's so good and at least you're able to write all the missing scenes from season 5b and season 6. I can't wait for the next chapter
5/20/2016 c91 Linda
Ah! First of all, was soooo happy to see you wrote another chapter! Yay! I have read so much great fan fic, but you are the best! Plus! His helps me in regard to waiting for Oct. excellent excellent job. Hope you can write more soon. Thanks so much for our hard work!
5/14/2016 c90 Weezy o.O
Hey, just recently started reading this story, Caryl are my absolute favourite and I love this story and the depth that you've gone into with these two :)
5/12/2016 c90 valery1381
This work is awesome. I like this story a lot! Its great! I would like to translate it in Russian language (cause I live in Russia) and post it on /fanfiction, it like fanfiction only in Russian. And its free for all people. Ive already translated some works, and of course Ill give a link at your profile as an author. No one will not have right to post it somewhere without your permission. So just let me know if you dont mind to cooperate with me))) So Ill be waiting for your answer and Ill be very glad if you give me your permission. I hope a lot)))

Theres my email

5/7/2016 c90 Linda
First of all, I love your disclaimers. Esp this chapter's. You could be a Professor for TWD. Again, the character analysis is amazing, your style of writing captivating. What an incredibly talented writer you are! Thank you for this. Can't wait to read more.
4/23/2016 c89 Linda
As always, well done.
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