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for lost

1/14/2020 c8 Guest
3/29/2016 c9 Crystal Rose Serenity
Can you PLEASE write more of this story because I am dying to know what comes next and could you maybe put in some more about fairy tail and maybe silver sword discovering her real name as erza scarlet because that would be awesome and I hate the suspense of waiting because I am just that type of person so please write more Please PLEASE PLEASE Wright more PLEASE
7/10/2015 c7 Daxen123
Ah welcome back, great chapter, hopefully the training works out
5/31/2015 c6 1TenableCape9819
PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE write more. I am loving this story. Maybe in the next chapter you can have Natsu and the others find a way through the portal
3/21/2015 c6 Guest
More please update QwQ
3/19/2015 c6 Daxen123
You are doing way better than before, and you actually had pretty good rhymes, the only thing I should tell you is that Zecora is a girl so all of those "he's" should be "she's"
3/16/2015 c5 Corrector
Listen, I'm going to give you some constructive criticism.
First off, you need to explain some details and use more vibrant words. Instead of using -" she said, use something such as -" she spoke, shouted ,screeched, ect.
Also it's with NOT whit. Not to mention use because, not cause. This is a story, not a text to your friends. Sorry for being harsh, but this criticism should help you make better stories that people will continue to read.
2/15/2015 c2 3proverbsrus
Alright man you got a good idea but you need to break up the words into smaller paragraphs.

Other than that keep it up.
2/15/2015 c5 Daxen123
Looks like she's getting her memory back and your writing is getting better
12/24/2014 c3 Daxen123
Happy to help, and I do like where this is going I think you just need a little more time for Erza to interact and get to know all of the other ponies
12/22/2014 c2 Daxen123
It's cool but you need to find some sort of editor I found a few grammar mistakes and you need to separate your sentences and paragraphs more often other than that I think it's a good concept just find someone to make these corrections

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