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1/7 c1 reisova
Very good
5/18/2020 c1 Clare
A seaside romance...sweet! An epilogue or a few more chapters would be fab if you even felt the urge ;)
6/9/2019 c1 42Madame Streep
I really like this! Also, I think it would be kind of cool to have a sequel for this story.
11/9/2018 c1 10bloomandgrow
Such a wonderful little story with some of my favourite things: the sea, a starry night and CP of course! I do love your writing.
6/13/2018 c1 42Madame Streep
I love it, such a perfect story. I am glad to finally see that someone wrote a story inspired by a Lady Antebellum song.
5/17/2018 c1 8IDontKnowYourSignal
This was perfect in so many ways!
I loved that Georg saw sense and called off the party and his courtship of Elsa. So much better than how things played out in the movie.
The picture you painted of the beach, the sea, the setting sun was just beautiful. I felt like I was there. I loved your description of the Captain - "even his hair was undone" (happy sigh!).
I loved that Georg told Maria she would be in his dreams tonight. I checked out the song "Just a Kiss" - again, it was perfect!
And yes, I concur, Christopher Plummer is like a fine red wine, just keeps getting better with age!
2/11/2017 c1 Guest
Ahhh this is so awesome!
5/12/2016 c1 34thoroughlymodernJulie
Thank you for recommending this amidst my arachnophobia terror fest, it was exactly what I needed to unwind enough to go to sleep. Now, I am not what one would call well-rested, but I figured you wouldn't mind a rambling review, so here it begins:

I like the idea of further evidence of a slow burn leading to the admission of their feelings in that Georg slowly goes through the motions of dismantling everything that a life married to Elsa would have meant. A small part of me really enjoys these kinds of AUs where he's portrayed as a better man than he actually displays in the film's version of events, which reeks of cowardice and asshattery and really isn't all that pretty. Not that Maria's any better, but... it's a nice change of pace to see something so minute tweaked to make such a huge difference, and yet at the end of the day, it leads to the same path.

I'm unashamedly picturing Georg as depicted on the cover of Chris's autobiography with that description you gave, to be honest, and I'm 150% okay with that. Yep.

"A woman of great faith with an irreverant wit" took my breath away. I don't know if there has been anything written before this that sums up Maria so perfectly in one little phrase. It says so much and rings true to not only her character, but of his ability to see her for who she is underneath the nun's habit. It's achingly beautiful.

I don't remember where my attachment to them stargazing began, but I appreciate greatly that you included it here. It adds such a wonderful bit of dimension and depth to what's going on here without taking over or seeming inconsequential. And as for the final admission of love from them both... and his promise that he'll be dreaming of her? I am a goner. If I were here, I'd be so gone. Wonderfully done, and thank you for sharing it. :)
6/9/2015 c1 11BlossomOfEdelweiss
Just came across this one. Loved it! It's so sweet and gentle. Very cute and romantic!
4/19/2015 c1 BrittanyLS
This is perfect!
1/11/2015 c1 SevMione23
LOVED IT! Thanks, Denise! Sweet and marvellous, thanks!

Oh, and BTW, Totally agree w/ u on your "CP being the sexisest man alive" statement!

and HAPPY NEW YEAR, hun!
12/17/2014 c1 Guest
! I loved this! It was so sweet and I love the what was essentially cuddling under the stars hahaha. "Like you're the one I've been waiting for?" - YES! 3 Also, holding her hand to point out the constellations? Too smooth, Captain, too smooth.
12/18/2014 c1 3GothicLover146
I liked this little alternate one-shot. Very nicely written , well done. I also love that song and I agree completely with you.
12/13/2014 c1 Guest
Oh that's a great story! Wish you would continue on it.
12/14/2014 c1 29EmilyVonTrapp
oh yes! this is just the thing i need to brighten up my day! i love reading alternate endings and you definitely did a great job at it! but i always love reading your stories so i didn't expect this story to be disappointing, and i love the song i think it came together beautifully :)
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