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for Chase's 12 Days of Christmas

12/16/2014 c4 Guest
You horrible person, now you got me crying.
12/18/2014 c6 4MattSpy05
Outstanding chapter, I can't wait to see how they do the return of Oliver to Felicity. Knowing Arrow writers it won't be this heart warming thing, but I hope something like this happens somewhere.
12/18/2014 c6 sakura-blossom62
Oh this hurt because syou can tell she took his absence badly but I'm just happy that it worked out in the end.
12/18/2014 c6 nrdhrd3
12/17/2014 c5 nrdhrd3
12/17/2014 c5 10LoveTVshows
I think you should have Oliver come back to life and have him go to Felicity on the night of the last day of Hanukkah. At least something along those lines.
12/17/2014 c5 TheDuchessTab
what a cute update! He is def her idiot! LOL!
12/17/2014 c5 sakura-blossom62
This was funny and yet so freaking sweet and honestly I could see this actually happening. Loved it!
12/16/2014 c4 farmgirl1964
Oh, no. DKM ... you chose the wrong story to plagurize.
12/16/2014 c4 nrdhrd3
Wow! Incredible!
12/16/2014 c4 SMOAKin'HOT
awwwwwwwww- this is sooooooooooooooooo sweet and heartbreaking ! but soo beautiful! i would love to read this if you decided to write a multi-chapter sory out of it! but at least give us a follow up! :) really amazing work!
12/16/2014 c4 sakura-blossom62
Oh I was not expecting that in the least but I love that even here she was able to find a way of encouraging him
12/15/2014 c3 nrdhrd3
Best sexual payback ever!
12/15/2014 c3 TheDuchessTab
I hope we get to see Felicity's payback! I'm sure its just as awesome as Oliver's! They are both so on edge! LOL!
12/14/2014 c2 Lililovingreading
Great job
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