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for Chase's 12 Days of Christmas

12/14/2014 c2 8ShortyStarRose
I really like this!
12/14/2014 c2 sakura-blossom62
Oh I loved this it was such a great reunion because she is just so lost without him and its great to see that she is finally reunited with him.
12/14/2014 c2 nrdhrd3
I have this odd feeling that this is gonna happen on the show not the exact thing but close to it!
12/14/2014 c1 sakura-blossom62
Oh this hurt to see them go through Christmas like this but at the same time I love that Felicity went and included Thea in everything because she is alone and just like Felicity she needs some support with people that understand what she is going through. Loved it!
12/14/2014 c2 Sunnylt
I love gifts, and this kind especially :) thank you for this!
I guess Felicity never pushed the last button, right? Oh, well... Olicity forever :)
12/14/2014 c1 Lililovingreading
Loved it
Kinda hoping you'll continue this
12/13/2014 c1 nrdhrd3
This made me cry!
12/13/2014 c1 3cruzstar
I so hope Thea and Felicity connect while Oliver is gone it would make it a beautiful family reunion when he comes back to see the two women he loves care for each other. Thanks for sharing!
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