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11/18/2018 c41 1DianaElla
Keep writing!
8/13/2018 c41 Sacredorchid
Jesus I wrote a whole fucking essay.
8/13/2018 c41 sacredorchids
My heart stopped when I saw an update from you, I dont know why my dumb ass thought you were adding another chapter to requiem when it CLEARLY SAID it was an update to eternal though. I know I'm probably one of the more vocal voices on my dislike of nehemiah, but I dont think you should see reviewers dislike of him as a reflection of the quality of your writing. I agree with guest, Nehemiah IS a condescending and biased prick. and it makes him really, just, UGH, irritating. But I feel like our extreme dislike if him says how well you wrote him because who WOULD like the kind of holier than thou douche who tries to preach to you about your private relationship issues with your boyfriend that he hasn't even had a conversation with in centuries? And for an angel? Nehemiah is literally how I would expect one to be. I do however agree that Nora could have been more...firm in her stance? Like, I like that her and patch were able to admit their faults to each other, but I hate that she let some stranger come into her dreams and talk to her like she was some impetuous ungrateful child unworthy of his friend rather than a woman with some legitimate concerns about the man she was with? Because nehemiah said a whole bunch of nonsense about Patch being oh so open that just was NOT true. I feel like her not calling him out in his bias and unfair judgement of her was just another moment for him to feel like he was oh so much better than the lowly ignorant nephil girl. You should not take this story down, because its sooooo good, but I do think that in your future fics it would be good to use his character some more and have him go through some growth as well as make nora more firm. She isn't always right, but I feel like in fanfiction and in canon she would make a good point or have a valid concern and then let everyone invalidate how she felt and eventually back down.
8/12/2018 c26 Guest
No offense,( because he is actually written how I see an angel of his status acting) but Nehemiah is a biased and condescending prick. Nothing is more irritating to me than men who blindly defend their fucked up friends rather than call them out on their bullshit. Nora may have flaws, but so does patch, and him changing doesn't mean nora has to be blindly accetping of his shit. Vee is right, she needs to learn to put her foot down and stop letting patch lead her around all the time. Nehemiah is on the outside looking in, and has no place or right to make any judgements on Nora and whether or not she is worthy of his murdering criminal best friend. And I really dont like how you made nora basically accept his accusations and basically take the blame for a grown ass man who has communication issues. Patch expects full honesty from nora at all times but she constantly has to pull answers from him. Patch is great, but he has done shitty, evil things, and Nora has a right to question where she stands with him and how experiencing the brunt of his evil deeds firsthand makes her feel about him. I think it's disgusting that he is basically acting like it is her fault that patch cant get a fucking grip and stop being so secretive. He has a tracking device on her for Christ's sake! He barely let's her have privacy or secrets of her own without guilting her about it. I know you were going for supportive friend here, but you made nehemiah look like a shithead who thinks Nora is responsible for Patch's redemption, just because patch decided to grace her with his affection.
5/3/2017 c27 sacredorchids
Whoops, my review was cut off. But anyway, Patch doesn't trust Nora's ability to handle the truth, and Nora doesn't trust that he'll tell it. They both cause mistrust in each other. I don't like Nehemiah making it sound like Patch is oh so agreeable when it comes to answering Nora's questions about his past, when the only reason she started snooping is because he never talks to her about it. People are always so quick to jump on Patch's side as if he isn't at fault as well.
5/3/2017 c26 sacredorchids
Nehemiah is too condescending for my taste. He makes it sound like Nora is the root of the problem, when it's Nora AND Patch that cause issues of mistrust with each other. Patch doesn't trust Nora's ability to handle the teu
5/3/2017 c23 sacredorchids
I've read this a thousand times and I still can't get over how cute the idea of Patch with a little troublemaker protégé would be
5/2/2017 c18 sacredorchids
You're right, Nora is impulsive at almost all the wrong time, but she probably wouldn't be if people didn't consistently hide the truth from her.
5/2/2017 c17 sacredorchids
You know people always get on Nora about not trusting Patch, but I get her frustration. From the beginning Patch has always stressed how important it is that she trust him, he knows EVERYTHING about her and he would be hurt and upset if she kept secrets from him, so even though he may be scared to tell her about his past he owes her the same kind of honesty she works to give him. He wants to protect her from knowledge of the things he's done but it's NORA'S decision of how she will react, not Patch. He should trust more in her love for him. I think they have been through too much for him to still be so against telling her even a little about his past and who he was. It shrewd that he really DOESN'T trust her the way he should.
5/2/2017 c16 sacredorchids
Honestly the whole deal with Elizabeth is really unforgivable with Patch. I know he did bad things, but looking at this I now feel he didn't have a right to kill Chauncey or Hank, that it honestly would have been fair and justified if either one of them had killed him. Their only fault was they did what Patch did, and decided to involve innocent people like Nora the way Patch did to Elizabeth. And making a child watch? No matter how much he changes, I love Patch, but nothing he can do will redeem him for that. I mean, he MADE Barnabas his enemy! All his enemies are of his own making. I love that he's changed but he won't ever be forgiven for such things.
4/24/2017 c39 chloefinley
Completed reading everything you've written so far again and yet again im blown away by your skills! All I can say is please please please update Requiem!
And please please please continue on to finale! All my favourite scenes you do so well. All the angsty hurt/comfort scenes are my favourite and I really hope to read them from patch's POV.
4/24/2017 c22 chloefinley
To be honest this is one of my favourite chapters you've written! That must sound so macabre !
4/4/2017 c24 Yuki24PK
I LOVE THIS! I love Patch and how you brought back his two best friends after what happened to Rixon! I do have to say though, Nora still isn't my favorite character. In all honesty, she deserves what she is going through right now. Also, I believe Patch deserves a lot more. Even in the original books, Nora never understood Patch. I feel like she never will even if she knows his past. Those are just my thoughts though.
9/22/2016 c40 chloefinley
Okay so ive completely blitzed through everything youve written on hush hush and im in love. Best author of patch POV ive found, as well the varying personalities of Vee, Rixon, Hank and Marcie, theyre all so perfect. Just how i pictured them its like friggin canon! . I cant tell on my tablet but please tell me your still updating. Im halfway through Requiem when it ends after chapter 7 . I need more. Please also say that you will be continuing on with a patch version of "finale" cause i am dying to read that! Thank you so much for Eternal as well i didnt know how much i would enjoy reading that! ! Breathtaking! !
6/22/2016 c40 cynthiahathaway
Absolutely loved all of your stories. Cant wait till u start on silence !
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