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for Bitten

4/8/2015 c3 1Shizen Chrome
Ah... I hope she lived a good life
I loved reading this story! It was intreseting to find out what happens next!

I noticed she said she was in hospital for a while so when I read she died. I felt bad to hear about it

R.I.P Chromene
1/28/2015 c3 Guest
Sorry to hear that my the author R.I.P
1/28/2015 c3 Guest
I am so sorry to hear this! I just got into the ff now! The Author will be missed
1/28/2015 c3 6GHFUDNIT
Hello, I am sorry to hear she had passed away and I offer my condolences. Just to let you know, even though you couldn't tell her, I am grateful she was one of the people who favourited me and I do look forward to her story as much as she had to mine. This fic was her first and although she couldn't finish it, think of it as a present she had left behind.

May she rest in peace.
1/21/2015 c2 WaiHelloThere
Just slow down and think about what you want to write, not just the next chapter but even those after that. That way the story doesn't get too many sudden twists (do that too often and it can get annoying). You also shouldn't care about how much you write and just focus on how and what you want to write.
12/22/2014 c1 Guest
Sounds interesting I love hibari worrying about chrome I find it cute! Can't wait for the next chapter
12/19/2014 c1 Guest
More please
12/20/2014 c1 2Twins White Cat
another story? well i think i like it more if you update more :)

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