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6/26 c3 sakuraaabae
I love this story so much:) No matter how strong Sarada is, her parents will always worry for their baby girl. So sweet.
6/26 c2 sakuraaabae
I knew she'd love Katsuyu. She's hella cool, cooler than Aoda b

Dying at Sarada wanting her parents to fight to see who's stronger lol.
6/26 c1 sakuraaabae
"But don't tell Mama I said that! Promise you won't say anything, Papa, please!"

lol so adorable! Sarada just needs to meet Katsuyu and she'll love her. Sasuke and Sarada spending time together is the cutest thing.
6/21/2019 c3 8BubblesToo
Awww this was so cutee
6/20/2018 c3 Innocence and Instinct
This was so cute! I loved this!
5/17/2018 c3 13Tropicallight
That was awesome!
10/9/2017 c3 minthegreen
Oh this was adorable
11/19/2016 c3 3Jun-Shang88
I looooved the plot!
9/9/2016 c3 Daffodil
wow,,, I honestly love Garuda among others... I think he was more gentle w/ his master's command, though I know Katsuyo and Aoda do the same, it was still nice to travel via up-up in the air.. #Long Live #SS #Writers...
9/9/2016 c1 Daffodil
lol,,,,, poor sara-chan if they'd only have a good transportation vehicles, but there's nothing more better than summoning extravagant awesome species...#Nice and cuteness overload chapter...
4/22/2016 c3 League Of Villains
Awww. Thought Sasuke was gonna flip out.
4/22/2016 c1 League Of Villains
Sweet :)
3/9/2016 c3 1dreamsandfaiths
2/3/2016 c3 ilovefinn924
Awww :)
11/11/2015 c3 sasusakusarafamily
Awe so cute! I loved it! ️️
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