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for Petals on the Ground

12/16/2014 c11 13xx-amaterasu-xx
This chapter is so sad and so beautiful, while reading your drabbles I'm feeling like I am reading the manga, as if it really happened.
Can't wait to read next chapters
12/16/2014 c11 HungryLemonGames
This is something I can really see happening in their beautiful but still so sad..
12/16/2014 c10 fayeuchiharuno
Yay! Finally I can read your drabbles on . I realized I missed 2 of them on Tumblr. Thank you, love! :)
12/16/2014 c10 SMILE
I love this! goah there amazing, heck your amazing :) I can't wait for more :)
12/16/2014 c10 xx-amaterasu-xx
Your fanfiction is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever read, it's simple, well written, funny and extremly mouving. This is exactly how I would imagine the life of Uchiha family. I was very VERY touched by the chapter "under the same sky", the end is so beautiful, I was smiling with a tear in my eye. Thank you for this beautiful moment, please keep on writing other drabbles, you are just awesome !
12/15/2014 c10 Lady Rini
I am so shocked to see only one review! You deserve more. I enjoyed all your drabbles.
12/15/2014 c1 2miimiipon
Awesome one shors,hope you'll write more!And..dang jealous Sasuke is the best Sasuke XD
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