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4/22 c6 Guest
Continue the story please
10/29/2020 c6 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
5/10/2020 c6 a fan
Are you really not gonna continue again?, please do
1/16/2020 c3 Kingkong101
Old ideas die dumb
9/13/2019 c6 Enforcer209
Well it’s such a shame that this story hasn’t been updated in such a long time I really enjoyed what you have here
4/22/2018 c4 Guest
Something else, I always found DUMB, how is naruto EVER going to LEARN to control the fox's power if people just keep STOPPING him from using it!? That makes no sense! That's NEVER going to work!
He doesn't want to use his clones for everything, he doesn't want to use the fox's power.. SHEEZ, why does he WANT to be AVERAGE?! His enemies aren't.. And yeah their all s-rank, they're also twice and sometimes 3 times his AGE! He doesn't have TIME for the "long way around", and his father put the fox in him SPECIFICALLY because he'd NEED that power! Not so he would constantly quiver in FEAR of it! I'm beginning to see why he eventually mastered the power AWAY from the leaf, they're all a bunch of whiny little paranoid, frightened CHILDREN!

I don't believe the uchiha naruto thought of as a brother EVER EXISTED! Simply a mask, a LIE to gain more power (and considering he got orochimaru's tutorship, Lee's speed at the time AND got the chidori from kakashi, I'd say the LIE WORKED!) Oh and OBVIOUSLY konoha did NOT "depend" on the uchiha.. They were wiped out and the village didn't lose a single step! Aka, they were UNNEEDED!
4/22/2018 c3 Guest
I fail to see how merit or POWER has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with age! Super-man could BREAK entire crowds of full grown body builders when he was still in DIAPERS! In a world of super powers, you gotta "suck it up BUTTERCUP and move on"...Seems to be a lesson the ENTIRE leaf has a problem with! "he doesn't know why this was happening" he's been chasing after sakura and watching her and ino chase after that dog crap uchiha for 11 years and he can't place what's going on? That's kinda unrealistic isn't it?
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
Why would he keep chasing sakura? She wants basically a traitor and a SCREW-UP of a human being! Sasuke is more or less TRASH, so why keep after a girl that wants GARBAGE? COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, and sakura should move onto Lee, I mean yeah he's weird, creepy looking and all together NOT boyfriend material, but if she likes sasuke then she must like that kinda thing!

-I don't bash...I SLAM-
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
This type of arugment always disgusts me.. If naruto didn't know what it was like to love? Or feel loved? Then he wouldn't be so adamant on defending ANYONE... You can't have one without the other, it's BRAIN DEAD to think so! Everyone would be PAWNS, means to an end that he clearly DOESN'T HAVE! It's like anything else, you can't have hate, unless you have caring, you can't have rage unless you have comfort... Yin-Yang... He can't want to protect the village, if he doesn't CARE FOR IT (in a sense love)... he can't GIVE A CRAP about the third or jiriya if he didn't CARE about them.. and as far as women loving him? EVERY SINGLE place he has gone to outside the village, he has GOT to know what love feels like! They are the only backwater, inbred, HICK, hillbilly village that dislikes him!
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
So kakashi is STILL giving him the short end of the stick? WHY? It seems pointless at this place in the story! All it makes him out to be is a douche. There is NO POINT anymore! Like hiding his heritage, for what purpose does it serve now? NONE, all behavior from before, needs thrown in a trash can! IT'S ALL OVER... (they were waiting on the "magic switch" to know "he's ready"? I'd say beating a GOD is READY!) FOOLISHNESS ALL OF IT! STUPIDITY AT IT'S PRIME and ff authors GO ALONG WITH IT, grow A BRAIN!
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
I think you meant "instrumental" to helping rebuild konoha... "detrimental" means he was working AGAINST rebuilding the village. Oh and this would actually be the 4th or 5th time of betraying him, not the third, the third was after the lame-ass orochi/kyuubi fight, the 4th would be after killing the snake but not coming back (seriously, all chance of it being the "CURSE MARK'S FAULT" kinda went out the window there).. Just now, he's willing to kill INNOCENTS as well! Yeah sasUKE is dog food! If you kill even a SINGLE innocent, you deserved to be SKINNED alive then beheaded! I don't CARE what your goal is! (kinda see why I think ALL members of the akutski are BEYOND redemption now huh?) They ALL NEED TO BURN!.. warriors, combatants? Well, they KINDA signed up for the job, they walked in with both eyes open... SasUKE betraying them, they kinda SHOULD have seen coming! It was pretty obvious, same with orochi, same with danzo (these people SUCK at hiding), but danzo really didn't BETRAY the leaf, IF you remember he killed the summoning toad, so naruto DIDN'T COME BACK, he did it so the akutski COULD NOT get their hands on him! Yes, he's underhanded and YES he's a LITTLE OFF in the head, but he recognizes naruto is the WORLD'S BEST BET, he tries to kill sasuke (a noble ambition), he extinguished the uchiha (should have been more through) ALL in all, I don't see how he couldn't with a few TWEEKS to his personality go from "pest" to ally. (yes he's gotta get over his god-complex, and yeah he's gotta realize the reaper is JUST OVER HIS SHOULDER) but other then that, which isn't that bad when you consider how many people like the bitchiha.
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
"It's not within my power to give you the rank of jounin"... Um if the hokage can't do that in a dictatorship, then who exactly DOES promote people to certain rank?... It seems to me, IT"S THE HOKAGE! DUH! And before anyone says something about it NOT being a dictatorship, YES IT IS, the advisors are supposed to have NO POWER and it IS a dictatorship, otherwise why WOULD DANZO BE SCHEMING TO GET IT(even so LATE in life), when he ALREADY RULES from the shadows? No it's COMPLETE control, just the third and tsunade DON'T USE IT PROPERLY! It's like having omnipotence and doing PARLOR tricks! Tossing around stuff a second rate apprentice could do! Same with the hat(hokage position) IF kakashi WANTED he could CRUSH ROOT and EXECUTE danzo in front of EVERYONE and there would be nothing anyone could DO about it! WITH NO PROOF AND FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OTHER THEN IT AMUSED HIM!(not that anybody would actually COME to danzo's aid other then the other two buzzards that should be swinging from a noose beside him) THAT is the HOKAGE position's power!
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
Why would a kumo team be so STUPID as to attack a foreign nin(that they know nothing about), while IN SAID FOREIGN NIN'S village, with no back up? That seems idiotic in the extreme, I don't see how they LIVED LONG ENOUGH to get their ranks! SHOULDN'T they have just went to the hokage and got a writ commanding people to tell them what they needed to know? Seems like that's the "path of less resistance" that at least the JOUNIN should have known! But as far as naruto attacking back? WHY? They want to kill sasuke, SO WHAT? He's a missing nin now, it would be like hiding information on OROCHIMARU! (he's from konoha too, so it's the same thing) Drop sasUKE like a rotten potato and forget about him! Heck, I'd tell them what buttons to push, what jutsu he knows and what tai-style he FIGHTS WITH! (might make the village some friends in kumo)

Also now that sasUKE has been branded missing nin? The uchiha sector should be sold off and bulldozed!
4/21/2018 c3 Guest
They are JUST NOW noticing trouble follows naruto around like a lost puppy? It should be kind of OBVIOUS.. Heck I'd have a team(or 2) watching him 24/7 while he was in the village! IF ANYTHING happens to the village, you can bet safe money that naruto will be in the center of it when it goes down! He attracts too much danger! So he'd be under CONSTANT monitoring (it's one of the reasons I feel that ffs take his childhood too far, he was being watched by the third in his ball, CONSTANTLY, there was never ANY time for him to be harmed! Think about it. He WASN'T chased out of shops, he WASN'T overcharged for stuff *this one is especially dumb because the hokage was the one giving him the money, he would have known INSTANTLY*, he wasn't beaten, his apartment wasn't a crap shack *ALL apartments in japan are tiny!*, he was JUST ignored, that's a little tougher to CRACK DOWN ON, and if you'll NOTICE, the clan kids NEVER ignored him) plus hiashi never had a problem with naruto dating/marrying hinata! They ALL KNOW who he is! Heck all ninja special jounin and above seem to KNOW who he is! (why nobody TELLS him, is up for debate) the leaf has 4 really POORLY kept secrets.. That naruto is jinchuriki, that naruto is the fourth's kid, that danzo is an evil person that is interested in ONLY in ruling the leaf, and that Hinata loves naruto. I am not sure why when one of the subjects of these 4 VERY poorly kept secrets is brought up everyone is shocked! In fact the REASON for keeping these things "a secret" kinda eludes me. Wouldn't it be better to TELL everyone about jinchuriki status since everyone he grew up with has ALREADY formed opinions (this one is thankfully taken care of in canon as they ALL KNOW by shippuden), wouldn't it be better to TELL EVERYONE of naruto's heritage?, he BEAT A SELF-PROCLAIMED GOD, there is nothing his parent's enemies can throw at him now! (although it SHOULD have been revealed after he singled-handedly beat a BIJUU!) AND wouldn't it be better to just CRUSH danzo's dreams NOW and let him know, they're NEVER going to happen... It's not like ANYONE has any emotional attachment to him like sarutobi did! Let him commit suicide with a little dignity.
4/20/2018 c3 Guest
One thing I've always thought of as DUMB, how can you keep re-reading porn? That seems POINTLESS... The author is DEAD there is nothing else being published, but the hokage and kakashi keep reading it, but after YEARS of reading it, shouldn't they have MEMORIZED it by now?... It seems like a joke that is tired and played out... Even if it was FAIRLY new, it would have been before naruto came back, and not written during his trip, so 4-6 YEARS old, if they were reading it every day, then, um ANYONE would have already committed the entire series to memory.. so the books are stupid. The author IS DEAD as in, it's GONE so really there are no books that attract their attention. After shippuden hits, hinata's shyness, sakura's mean-ness, jirya's books, the hokage's indifference, NONE of it makes sense, it PISSES OFF fans, GET WITH THE PROGRAM and ACT LIKE A KILLER, ON-TOP, ORDER of the world... kind of village! NO FUN AND GAMES!
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