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11/14/2017 c4 58randomplotbunny
Poor John, he's going to end up having to pass messages- will his phone and laptop work only for him just like the door? Mycroft and Moriarty would have tantrums if that's the case, though at least it would give Sherlock something to laugh about- between the Flat and the outside world. Anthea and Sebastian are NOT going to be happy about this, but they are likely to laugh about it once they've walked out of the limited sight lines of their bosses. :-D

Any chance all this is the work of one of John's ex-girlfriends, someone who was really interested in John but who Sherlock drove off? Or tried to chase off and this is her way of distracting Sherlock? She could have cursed the Flat so Sherlock would be forced to spend time inside and leave John alone and accidentally got Mycroft and Moriarty as well, perhaps because the spell was worded to trap 'the git with the massive brain and ego' instead of naming Sherlock specifically.

I'm rambling. Sorry.

Another amazing chapter! Our geniuses are truly going to go insane if the mysteries continue to build up and they can get no explanations. :-D
11/14/2017 c3 randomplotbunny
The absolute horror! Board games! However shall they survive! :-D

Fantastic chapter! Really shows how much these three are suffering just being in each other's presence. :-)
11/13/2017 c2 randomplotbunny
Oh, this is brilliant! Any chance it will be continued? I'd love to see these three trying to survive each other- and Sherlock's hazardous and foodless kitchen- while trying to get out! It would be so interesting if John could still come and go from the flat as he pleases yet no one else can, but that would really depend on what it keeping them in. :-)
12/18/2014 c2 27Dark Magical Sorcres
oh great
12/17/2014 c1 Dark Magical Sorcres
ok this gonna be good the three of them stuck together will it be funnie

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