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2/18/2019 c17 SpaceAutumn
I would honestly be more surprised if this doesn't happen every year.
9/16/2015 c20 Elysian0729
Beautiful drabbles. I loved every word of it. I wish there were more...
12/31/2014 c6 15Vanessa Masters
Awwww Love it. Too cute :D
12/22/2014 c10 6Winter Coma
This... is adorable. Like, I am literally sqeeing over how adorable all this is. And this is bad, because it's midnight where I am and everyone's asleep. XD

Please keep up the good work, this is flawless!
12/21/2014 c8 19REBD
12/21/2014 c8 26VinnieStokerLover
Love it
12/20/2014 c7 VinnieStokerLover
mistletoe next please
12/20/2014 c7 3Ryuuhana
12/20/2014 c7 2SlayerTheCat
Yes Rook it was indeed a great mistake. I love these keep making more please. :3
12/19/2014 c3 12PsylanceSimons
Is that bit with Isaac Newton real? Cause if it is, that's pretty freakin awesome!

Cute little chapter! Stay awesome!
12/17/2014 c2 PsylanceSimons
Aw, this was cute! I can totally see Rook being all awkward on the ice XD

Nice chapter! Stay awesome!
12/17/2014 c1 PsylanceSimons
This is an interesting concept! I can't to see where this goes and what Rook learns!

Stay awesome!

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