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for Forgive and Forget

1/12/2015 c18 202ChloeRhiannonX
Squealing! This story was so super cute! I'm so happy they got together in the end :D Majorly excited for the sequel!
1/8/2015 c15 ChloeRhiannonX
1/7/2015 c14 ChloeRhiannonX
Loving it, this is going great. I will also reply to your PMs when I get home, I promise I'm not ignoring you :P
1/7/2015 c13 ChloeRhiannonX
"I'm a lone wolf" that made me laugh harder than it should have XD But can't wait to see what Gwen's plan is!
1/5/2015 c12 ChloeRhiannonX
Geez, Duncan, do more than go to bed! But seriously this is great I love it :D
1/5/2015 c11 ChloeRhiannonX
1/4/2015 c10 ChloeRhiannonX
THEY KISSED AGAIN! And everyone saw the first kiss eeeeeep! Also excited for the next chapter to see what kinda danger they get in :DD
12/24/2014 c8 ChloeRhiannonX
Ahhh he kissed her!
12/22/2014 c7 ChloeRhiannonX
I finally found the time to read the rest of this! I really love it. Duncan and Courtney's relationship is so well written, and they're so cute :3 And I can see where you've added the description in, it does make it so much better now :D Can't wait for the next chappie.
12/22/2014 c7 2Maori Rose
Chapter 7 , you do upgrade fast :3 .
Duncan bipolar xD. What happens at the party?
Continues, thanks for writing.
12/20/2014 c2 Guest
Love it!
12/20/2014 c3 Maori Rose
Wow two chapters in one day, great!
The story is taking the course and I enjoy :D.
DxC! Continue, thanks.
12/20/2014 c2 202ChloeRhiannonX
This is definitely a great start! I love the idea you got going and the summary definitely has me hooked. My one and only piece of advice is to add just a bit more description into the story, rather than having the majority be speech. Otherwise this is really good for a first fic. I look forward to more and thank you for mentioning me in the AN :D
12/19/2014 c1 2Maori Rose
I like stories DxC!
Continue please :), thanks for writing.

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