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for Praeludium and Allegro

5/8 c33 Guest
I hope you update!
5/1 c33 2Gladoo89
I enjoyed a lot this story! I don't know if it's currently on hiatus but even if you never update it again I had a great time reading it do thzank you!
4/23 c33 Minna Kivel
Please update
4/22 c23 Minna Kivel
Hah! Mothers to rescue!
4/20 c20 Minna Kivel
Me too takeshi. Me too
4/19 c10 Minna Kivel
I liked to read takeshi pov
4/9 c33 Valdr
I think everyone is forgetting the setting of this story. They are Shinobi of Konoha, this is a military village. To us their actions are unforgivable but to them it is expected, as Itachi demonstrated loyalty to the village comes above all else even family.
4/11 c33 Minty220
This story is such a bruh moment. Its really good, but some of the storytelling choices make me scratch my head. Like why the heck is Haru telling Minato about what she knew off screen? Thats so important and long awaited and we never get to experience it. I like where the story is now. I’m invested, its just been a long time getting here and instead of me thinking about all the cool things that happened, I’m just thinking about how little has happened in the overall plot. This story is a slow-burn, but in the most painful way. Idk maybe its just me, as the reader, having different priorities than that of the writer, but in my sense of development, specifically with Haru, this story lacks a lot of it. Thats not to say this story is anywhere bad, I think there are a lot of strengths that show with its world building and side characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it and slept way past my bed time all to 6 am to finish it. Most of this story’s flaws are with the early chapters anyway. At this point in time, especially with the most recent chapters, the story has been progressing quite nicely and have been chef kiss. At this moment I’m having a blast reading about Haru’s suffering and impending rescue or botched rescue if the author hates her enough. Anyway, thanks. Thanks author.
3/8 c31 liasora
She saved their Minato and Kushina's life, and this is how they repay her? Discarding her and telling the world that she was dead while still being imprisoned? How disappointing. There is only one word for such sick behaviordisgusting.
3/7 c33 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
loved it! can't wait for more! keep up the awesome work!
2/21 c33 Guest
I definitely think Takashi is the best possible pairing for her. I mean, theres angst to figure out. And really their personalities fit well together and I think they already care for each other pretty deeply in the not neccessarily more than friends way but def not just friends way. If that makes sense? So Nara for the win.

Also. Good job of the story, I wish she could have had more ninja skills after her time in root, but its totally understandable why she doesn't and her mental setbacks and reactions are amazing
2/7 c33 3xXGod707Xx
Im in love with the idea of haru x takeshi but i kinda ship her with yaruzu now, lmao.
2/6 c33 Guest
yuzuru is an idiot but i love him
2/3 c33 6rose.chan27
Noooooo! Where is the rest of this! Stories like this always hit me in the feels. Minato had better have a seriously good reason for leaving Haru in Danzo's hands! I love Minato but if his excuse isn't good enough here...
1/27 c10 Me not a duck
I really loved this story, and the outside perspective was nice!
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