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3/31 c13 Caver Floyd
Good story. I’m actually really proud of Adam for taking the time to gather evidence and make a solid plan.
12/3/2020 c1 1yintheyang
It says this story is still ongoing on the author's profile, but it hasn't been updated for four years. If it ever does get updated, though, I'd be plenty happy. This is a good story.
12/2/2020 c13 Kamillia
I've never before given Ruby x Blake a thought. Not the canon material, not fanfics, not fanart, nothing has ever made me interested in that ship.

... Until I read your story.

Now I'm rooting for these two like no tomorrow!

And everything else? Yang abondoning Ruby, Cinder taking in Ruby and Emerald (and growing to love them), training them, Ruby's involvement with the white fang, and the beginnings of war on the horizon. All of its just so well done!

Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us!
11/16/2020 c13 1sasy39
I know you haven't updated in a while and that you might have abandoned this but I just wanted to say that I hope you're OK and that you know that this fic is Inspired, the writing is skillful and the plot is Beautiful
The characterisations are also incredible and I love everything about this!
5/1/2020 c13 Izunama
I think this story is the best take on Cinder raising Ruby that I’ve come across, so it makes me sad to see that it’s probably not going to be continued.
10/4/2019 c13 lmc9389
Hope you continue
6/12/2019 c13 5Dessel Ordo
Damn good read. Perfect blend of darkness, fluff and drama. Really hoping you come back to it some day, cuz this idea is just to awesome to leave at the top of the first hill of the rollercoaster.
1/12/2019 c1 b6076b6076
I would love to see an update or have a rewrite to deal with the new information. The bad guys have been fleshed out so a change in some motivations may be in order.
10/30/2018 c13 Videocrazy
Well, now, this is interesting. First thing, I always appreciate a story that has people who feel like ipeople/i, rather than roles to fill on a casting sheet.

For all that Cinder seems to have thought Ruby set her plans back, she might actually have helped. With or without Cinder's influence, things were always going to boil over. The climate presented made it an inevitability. What Ruby did was idelay/i the White Fang's militarization. Effectively, that anger was only contained for a longer period, and that means a bigger explosion. Additionally, they now have the Iron Fur, a group that is legally able to train. When the White Fang does go radical, they'll have an actual militia.

Y'know, I normally hate it when a Ruby with a drastically different backstory ends up with a sniper-scythe named Crescent Rose. Here, though, it makes sense. Not only is Ruby on moderately friendly terms with Qrow (and thus can hear his tales), but it's not like Ruby jumped straight there. She experimented, found what weapons felt best for her, and refined those ideas. It flows so naturally. I also really like Somber Thorn; Crescent Rose isn't exactly the best for cramped quarters, CQC, or stealth. Also, like this Crescent Rose, Somber Thorn's creaton just feels so natural.

I worry that Ruby's going to be caught at a crossroads eventually. Specifically, between Yang, Cinder and Emerald, and Blake. Yang's fallen in with racists who are subtly trying to bring her around to their type of thinking. This isn't helped by her thinking Blake is stealing "her" sister. I know Yang admitted she's the one who gave sister privileges when she abandoned Ruby, but I'm not sure she just isn't hiding it better.

Blake is pretty in with the White Fang at the moment. Part of that seems to actually be because of Ruby; she's seen that humans and faunus can get along. Subsequently, she seems to be more willing to fight for what the White Fang believes in, even as their ideals and methods are perverted. She also seems to hate Yang for abandoning Ruby, and (correctly) mistrusts Cinder.

For this, I'm assuming that Emerald stays with Cinder regardless. Now, Cinder might as well be Ruby's mom in all but name and blood at this point, and Emerald a surrogate Yang. Cinder and Emerald clearly reciprocate, and Ruby and Emerald even made a pact to never leave the other. Cinder's clearly mellowed out slightly, too, since she seems to treat Emerald the same way. However, Cinder is still cruel and ruthless outside of that setting. She also still expects Ruby to help her, given their takedown of a fleeing Torchwick.

It's not as overt, but I think that Cinder hates Yang for the same reason Blake does. I think Cinder only tolerates Blake because of how much Ruby cares about her; Blake's nearly gotten Ruby killed three times already (though Cinder only knows of two). The first time was when she was almost choked to death by Adam (after both attending the rally at Blake's invitation and as a result of saving Blake). The second was when Blake asked Ruby to unlock her Aura. The third was by putting Ruby in the sights of anti-faunus groups when she suggested wearing the necklace. None of these were done with malice, but it's also true none of these would have happened without Blake's input.

Between the three, I don't think Yang has a chance; anything she tries will probably just push Ruby away. Blake and Cinder are trickier; Ruby shares a connection with the cat faunus in a way that most people will never experience. That will always count for something. On the other hand, Cinder gave Ruby everything, and Emerald is her sistsr through their shared trials. Either way, Ruby will feel like she's abandoning someone like Yang abandoned her.

Speaking of abandonment, I hope this fic isn't. I'd love to see more, though I'm also not holding my breath.
5/20/2018 c13 Musicalwolf4015
Plzzzzzzzz update this is really good and needs to be shared with the world
1/5/2018 c13 KevinCCucumber
I know I'm two years late but this fanfic is one of the best that I have read; it's really well written out and has a compelling and interesting take on the show. Great work! :D
12/20/2017 c1 3bob115
One nitpicky thing, for a speed semblance Ruby's speed is about half of what an olympic sprinter can average on a 100m dash. Granted she's like 8, but still.
12/4/2017 c5 3rwby ladybug enabler whiterose
Im loving it so far but i must admit i was caught off guard when ruby said "I want to be the only one inside of you" omg that was gold kudos for that
10/21/2017 c13 KHARAKI TAKAN
Awesome read so far hopefully you continue with this story.
10/9/2017 c13 4Zaralann
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