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11/12 c291 santa claus nort
Now that we are approaching Christmas, what do the dwarfs think of Santa Claus and his magic beard, where can he get toys and sweets? Will they think he is a human saint or a disguised dwarf pretending to be human?

In fact seeing as how millions of kids now believe in magic and stuff like that, is someone going to transform into some sort of warhammer-style magical santa that spawns toys, candy, and weapons out of his beard?
11/12 c291 Guest
11/12 c291 henri.risius
Awesome chapter
11/12 c291 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
10/10 c286 michaelwilber2022
Power armor?! YES PLEASE!
10/10 c290 michaelwilber2022
Oh boy.
10/7 c290 1starwars05
Goddamn what happened in the chaos dwarves capital, now that’s the most karma I’ve ever seen, just goes to show, don’t brutalize the intelligent ones they’ll at least take you down with them
10/1 c290 Guest
10/2 c290 Nebukadnezar
Another great Chapter, nice to see the Dawi-zarr getting what's coming to them. I did a little happy dance hearing that Jasla bit the dust. She had been around since the beginning. Now Mordred just needs to get his. Maybe he and Malekith meet. A real father-son moment.
10/2 c290 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
10/1 c290 Hadrian.Caeser
Awesome chapter
8/24 c284 Wolf1965
AvirRaptr Please accept my condolences for the death of your grandfather. I did not have the privilege of knowing him, but if this story affected you in that way, he was likely someone I'd have liked knowing. In the spirit of this story: May Ravens Alight and Carry Him into Morr's Garden. Thanks for the kind words, the last Christmas Special is in a way the culmination of what I learned about writing during the last ten years penning a large part of this story. And I am very sure you broke no rules, and if so they should be damned in this case.

Random Guest: Germany is the World's fourth-largest economy, it hosts the European Central Bank, and is very central to European logistics as it is smack in the middle of it. Also, Germany hosts a lot of companies who are called "hidden champions" as they are market leaders in small, but important fields. To give an example: Take out Germany, and 80% of the world's production of large-scale offset printing machinery goes away. On top of that, the magic that transported Germany left collateral damage on Earth in the shape of earthquakes and similar.

Phoenix King:
Why should you think the dwarves would not participate in beard competitions? I would think they do, but this is a big world, but we did not have the time to write down everything.
There is at least one "Dwarf Metal" band in this story, Grumgir's Slammers, so the new music styles affect them, but mostly the young.
The story also mentions a growing rift between younger dwarfs who try to adopt a lot of German technology and methods and the older ones who mostly eschew that.

Elves will have encountered spicy meals in the Warhammer World before, they will probably know what to avoid by smell.

The later editions show that the Phoenix Flame is a sham, the candidates are protected by magic, or as in Maleklith's case, not as his peers did not want him to become king.

Politicians and useless and/or bad people. I know a bit about German politics through my father's work in a think tank. In general, German politicians are no worse or much better than their English, US or French counterparts, but usually more boring.
Yes, a lot of the decisions taken in the past have been wrong in the light of the war in Ukraine, but a lot of decisions are that in light of future knowledge.
If humans would so readily succumb to Chaos as you indicate, there would be no Empire and no Bretonnia on the Warhammer World. Chaos infiltration takes time, and before those gods could make up their mind they had problems. By now Runes of Protection are crafted all over Germany, cults are found as soon as they try unregistered magic and genetic tests check politicians regularly for Chaos mutations.
8/20 c289 phoenix king
I have some doubts about elves, dwarves and politics that my mind kept asking me and they are these:

What would happen if an elf ate in a Mexican restaurant? I ask because as far as I know those long ears hardly eat chili and I wonder what would happen if they went to one and ate a very spicy enchilada

What do the dwarfs think of the German contest for the best beard in the world? They will also be offended if they find out and they were not invited to participate since that thing about beards is something of theirs.

How has the rock and metal genre affected the dwarves and elves?

We will have punk elves and dwarfs without beards but with long hair for the future as fashions challenging authority in the style of the 80s and 90s for dwarves and elves.

Also what do you think of the young dwarfs of the modern ideology of not being a vindictive madman and that the acts of a single person are not the acts of their group, country or family.

I say I don't think all dwarfs support those tran-extremist ideologies of their people, which in general, if one analyzes it, are more evil than good.

Also what do dwarfs and young elves think of German democracy and also what could they do to improve it with magic?

I ask this last question since seeing how useless all the German politicians who appear in this fiction are in real life, especially this year with Russia, it would be interesting to see what the young Germans would also think about creating methods using magic to replace Such useless and incompetent leaders with more competent people.

You know like magical tests like the flame of the phoenix king to see that the one who comes to power is not an asshole.

By the way, note that the author has a rather sickly and obsessive love for various politicians in the fic, but realistically, in real life, I highly doubt that those useless people would have lasted even 6 months in such a situation.

When I started reading the fic I expected at least that it would come out that several of them tzeech or khorne's enemy whore would easily control them I say several of them are not that we say good people and many including merkel are involved in various things to sell themselves to the highest bidder In general, for money to support things that are sometimes not very good, like letting a Russian tyrant be their biggest supplier of oil.
8/17 c1 RandomGuest
Wait how important is Germany to world economics?
8/19 c289 AvirRapter
Man, after having lost my grandfather not even two days ago, that last portion made me break into tears. Cheers, lads, this was an awesome one as always. Sorry if this breaks some rule or another about reviews.
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