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for The Older Brother and The Best Friend

7/12 c57 A
#teamKarson for the win hope you can last that long

Love the book BTW its so good
5/4 c192 Guest
Definitely some revenge vibes her and I love it!
5/4 c193 Guest
I thought I was just getting fat…most Kara line ever
5/4 c194 Guest
Good I forgot how perfect this ending was! Where do I get a jason
5/4 c1 Guest
I’m really missing this story rn
9/8/2021 c138 Guest
9/8/2021 c106 Guest
bro is it the brother who on the A team,
9/2/2021 c64 Guest
Pll just love to make everyone suspicious it's really quite annoying because most of them are innocent
9/2/2021 c194 Guest
I reread this every week more or less and so I’ve seen some of the reviews in this story which btw is ALREADY OVER and just wooooow. This is why I’ve never posted on here because some people are so fucking rude, like if you’ve got nothing good to say don’t say anything? Tbh I ve always liked this story and will continue rereading
8/31/2021 c24 Guest
I hate the Indian girl line. They're narrative americans not Indians.
8/31/2021 c20 Guest
The one thing I don't get about this story so far is that Kara was there for less then a month and came back two years later and the girls suddenly just trusted her. They don't at all think it's weird she shows up after 2 years?
8/31/2021 c19 Guest
The pictures of Aria are another example of them just jumping to conclusions. Why don't they just ask Jason about them? Or you know mind their business and not look in his shed. If he was A he'd not be hiding all his stuff in a shed next to spencers house. Makes me laugh now how silly they are.
8/31/2021 c18 Guest
I've been watching pll for the first time since I was a teen and those girls really love to jump to conclusions when there's simple explanations why someone has done something or has something. The funniest one I've seen so far is when they're convinced that Jason is up to something because he put up newspapers in the window. When that's just what people do when they're decorating a room which is why he did it. It's a really simple thing but they never thought of it. But I suppose at that point they were very paranoid.
8/31/2021 c17 Guest
I really like how you had Kara call out the Aria and Ezra situation in this chapter. They met when she was 15 and 22 fair enough she lied about her age but when he continued to see her when he knew his age is so bad. Not exactly sure her age when they slept together but she was 15/16 that's statutory rape. And the show just makes it look like it's the perfect love story. And the only thing they make out as wrong between them is that he's her teacher not that a adult is having a relationship with a child and it's predatory.
9/2/2021 c42 Lightningscloud
Why does Kara need to specify that her brother isn't a serial killer? He's still a killer makes no difference what type of killer he is. And how can she just forgive him like that? He killed her family I get he was ill but hello it doesn't make it ok. If someone in my family did that I wouldn't forgive them. Also how is he not in jail for the rest of his life? Even if he's mentally better they can't just let him go. He still has to serve his sentenceand I'm pretty sure if he murdered that many people it would be a life sentence. Also it make no sense that the girls are just ok with it. You find out someone you don't know is a murderer you stay away.

A lot of Kara's story doesn't make sense. So she runs away from care and goes to America? So answer me this how does she even get to america you need a visa? And immigration are very tough you can't just lie about your age you aren't going to get in. Its actually very hard to move to america. Also if she's in care where does she get her money from for flights, her visa, and all the god damn clothes she buys? There's no way that a teenage runaway could just move to america. Yeah she faked herself being older to what 16? A 16 year old cannot move to another country by themselves. Maybe do a bit of research next time because this story is a fantasy.
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