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for The Older Brother and The Best Friend

1/2/2020 c171 Hope10
In the dollhouse flashback, was she being shocked or burned?
12/29/2019 c176 Ineveryfandom
I keep forgetting that Alison was being gaslighted by Archer and Mary Drake thinking she’d going crazy and checks into Welby. Genius. That also gave me an idea that Kara, Mona, Wren, and Jason should gaslight Aria by having one of them dressed up as a dead Shauna making her going paranoid again haunting her from the dead and then have her arrested.
12/27/2019 c176 silentmayhem
Emily is annoying she is so blind and devoted to alison why they never made her the killer, she would have done anything for that crazy girl.
I also found it would have been hilarious for A.D to have been one of the liars or liar adjecents someone whom has been around from day one. Like luka or toby
I think T was killed by a liar hopefully emily , i don't want wren to separate with kara atleast not before she gets pregnant first he can die in the end or something and jason could get together with her.
12/27/2019 c176 Nicole Beverley234
I don't like torture but love everything else plz update soon
12/27/2019 c176 5LiLuLo12
Amazing as always 3
12/27/2019 c176 0001234
Sure did enjoyed it. It was a great way to start season 7. God, Emily is so blinded by love, she can’t see what a horrible person Ali is. I wish she would stop defending her. Can’t wait to see Aria and Emily’s comeuppance.
12/27/2019 c176 evavallsahotmail.com
Such a great chapter! I enjoyed it a lot! Lots of Jason in it, I hate how he was neglected in season 7. And Wren getting jealous, though I still don’t trust him, he has something going on, right? Still, my vote is for Jason.
12/14/2019 c175 Ineveryfandom
Question: What do you think happened to the liars when they returned to their “rooms” for their “surprises?”
12/2/2019 c1 1fish330
Can’t login my account on website. Pls account my vote to Jason. Kind have the ideal that Wren shoot T. Also in the show PLL all with their first lovers so maybe K should to.
And can not wait for next chariot
11/30/2019 c175 0001234
I hope Spencer gets locked up. She deserves that after what she did to Kara. I really hope Jason joins the A-team. I would love to see that. I thought Jason was gonna get mad and yell at Kara for being on the A-team but I'm glad he's on her side. What's gonna happen to Aria and Emily next?
11/30/2019 c175 Nicole Beverley234
love it
11/30/2019 c175 aldupotterbing
I already voted for Wren, I even used my second account to vote, I already said that even though I love Jason, Wren seems to fit more to her life now, and I feel if Jason joins the A team that is going to make things even more interesting, ang give me more motives to root for A.
I still find that crazy, I mean, you made me root for Wren, a character I always deemed as shady but I didn't care about what happenned to him, to the point I dind't give a shit when Alex killed him, and you're making me want the A team to win
11/20/2019 c174 Guest
Who do you think is the best liar? Like who is good at keeping secrets and coming up with really good lies?
11/3/2019 c174 Ineveryfandom
Love this story. Have you ever thought about writing another PLL fanfic?
10/31/2019 c174 aldupotterbing
OMG!Poor Bethany, Alison is a bigger bitch than I thought she was
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