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for The Older Brother and The Best Friend

10/31/2019 c174 aldupotterbing
OMG!Poor Bethany, Alison is a bigger bitch than I thought she was
10/30/2019 c174 5LiLuLo12
I love how integral Bethany and NAT are. Marlene really missed the boat on this
10/29/2019 c174 0001234
All this time, that bitch Alison was using poor Kara as an experiment to get back at Bethany. At least she's getting what's coming to her.
10/29/2019 c174 Nicole Beverley234
well fuck me
10/5/2019 c173 Nicole Beverley234
love it plz update soon
10/5/2019 c173 LiLuLo12
Amazing as always
10/5/2019 c173 0001234
Oh god! Holy Shit! Why do those women have bruises on their arms? It’s not what I think it is, is it? This chapter made me speechless. Update soon!
10/5/2019 c173 evavallsahotmail.com
I don’t seem to find the poll on your profile, my bad. Bit I vote Jason! This is what I came for ;) So I enjoyed this chapter a lot.
9/10/2019 c172 NotRob
The Kara and Wren stuff is alright, I just really want to get to Jason and Kara, they've been what I was reading for.
9/10/2019 c172 aldupotterbing
I didn't forget about Jason and Melissa, mostly because I think that after he unkowingly involucred himself romanticly with two relatives, he'd be more cautelous about it
9/10/2019 c172 LiLuLo12
I’m always on board for an evil twin!
9/10/2019 c172 Nicole Beverley234
love it plz update soon
9/10/2019 c172 0001234
Wow! Lots of things happening in this chapter. It was exciting. Yeah I almost forgot that Melissa and Jason also made out with each other the night when Alison disappeared. I wonder if they’re gonna expose that truth at the election? I didn’t expect Meredith in this chapter. I can’t wait for for her and Aria to interact again. I can’t wait to see her reaction. I wonder when she’s gonna find out about her dad having an affair again. Will we get to see different POVs of the liars when they’re suffering? Update soon!
9/5/2019 c171 1LilMisty123
If Kara and Jason dont end up together I will cry
8/30/2019 c171 aldupotterbing
This is the first fanfic in which I want the A TEAM to win
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