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for The Older Brother and The Best Friend

5/21/2021 c194 5LiLuLo12
Such a great ending! I can’t believe it’s been this long since you started this story. Congratulations!
5/15/2021 c194 Nicole Beverley234
Love it :)
5/15/2021 c194 EchoMoment
Oh and thank you for sharing this story one of my favourites
5/15/2021 c194 EchoMoment
The wedding was just perfect? Bit early to be telling everyone about the baby but I guess she's excited. And little Jessie and her sandwich uh too cute.
5/4/2021 c193 Hope10
It’s happening! Kara and Jason are gonna tie the knot! *squeals* So excited! Question: I know the reason Kara gets shocked in the dollhouse because the liars chose her and Kara chose herself, but is the other reason because A/Charles really did hate her more?
4/17/2021 c193 Jack
You might already be thinking of this, but if you aren't then I would be really curious to see/hear how the girls are fairing (obviously it was mentioned that they're all in prison, and we last saw Alison after her failed psych exam, so I'm assuming she's in a mental ward, but I'm curious on their perspectives, their thoughts on the final showdown, who might regret things, who might be even further gone than because, etc.). After everything they did to Kara it feels like seeing the results of them getting their comeuppance would be a nice way to wrap everything up with Kara getting her happy ending.
4/17/2021 c193 LiLuLo12
I feel like we need 2 more chapters. End on a nice 195.

I cannot believe we’re at the end of this story.
Girl it’s been a pleasure reading and riding this journey with you. You are supremely talented.

Do you have a Tumblr I could follow for more content. I look forward to your best project.
4/17/2021 c193 Nicole Beverley234
Love it
4/17/2021 c193 Ineveryfandom
Yesss! Jara are getting married and are gonna have a baby! They’re gonna be a great family. Kara is finally getting her happy ending and I’m satisfied the 3 liars are in jail. For the last chapter, I would like to see the wedding ceremony, Jason reacting to Kara’s pregnancy, and the the of em raising their kids in another time-jump leading a happy life together. Feels bittersweet that this is ending, but can’t wait to read the last one. You did an amazing job.
4/17/2021 c193 EchoMoment
getting married and pregnant stop this is too cute can't wait to see how Jason reacts.
4/10/2021 c192 Princess1
When Ezra said together when he threw her and himself out of the church window, gave me Harry Potter vibes with Harry and Voldemort in DH pt 2 l.
4/2/2021 c192 Guest
You know, looking back where she fought Noel, sometimes I wish she had killed him with that axe.
3/21/2021 c192 Ineveryfandom
That was another great twist that Melissa was a part of it too. She was the one in charge before Ezra came along. She was protecting her sister all along despite their fights and sibling rivalry. She wanted to keep her safe. It was awesome how the tables have turned that it was Alex posing as Spencer and knocked Melissa out. I wasn’t expecting Aria to die, but I guess she had it coming. Even though she’s dead at least Kate got justice for Spencer, Hanna, and Emily going to jail and Alison back in Welby. Kudos to Kara killing Jenna. That’s how it should’ve ended for Jenna in the show and question, how did A bounce back in the dollhouse even though Kara stabbed him/her with a tile while A was bleeding? Update soon!
3/18/2021 c192 Nicole Beverley234
Well fuck me
3/18/2021 c192 LiLuLo12
It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Ian Harding act a twist like this out. He would have done amazing.

I’m going to be so bummed when this story is finished. Excellent chapter!
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