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for The Older Brother and The Best Friend

1/24/2021 c190 Nicole Beverley234
Well fuck me
1/23/2021 c190 Hope10
Looks like the girls almost got away with murder. Got it? Lol!
1/23/2021 c190 silentmayhem
Damn ...you really went all out
1/23/2021 c190 Ineveryfandom
I love the new chapter and feel like I’m reading saw. I hope Kara will turn the tables on him. Including Mona. Since you’re killing off main characters, I’m guessing Aria is going to die coz Ezra has the gun pointed at her. Or maybe Alison will die for good. And god just poor Bethany. She didn’t deserve to die like that. The liars are just like their book counterparts. Really shitty ppl. Aria was truly the mastermind behind her death.
12/16/2020 c189 Hope10
Character deaths. Hmm... I have one. Kill off Peter Hastings. He doesn’t deserve to live after what he did to Veronica and sleeping with different women. Oh and kill off Hanna’s dad and Kate.
12/16/2020 c189 EchoMoment
Ezra? That's a very interesting choice didn't once think it was him.
12/16/2020 c189 Ineveryfandom
I knew it! I knew he was AD! I hope Lucas survives and Kara finds a way out. I know there wasn’t that much in season 4, but how would Kara fit into the Spencer’s film noir imagination? That would’ve been cool. And you’re right, it’s really hard to do an an English or British accent. Especially the RP one. I even tried it so many times when I was younger, it kept hurting my jaw when I tried to perfect it. Lol! Only Meryl Streep can do one.
12/16/2020 c189 Nicole Beverley234
Well fuck me & love it
12/6/2020 c188 Princess1
Why couldn’t they just let her be a part of their group and be real friends towards her? Including Mona? I think AD is Ezra.
11/23/2020 c188 LiLuLo12
Fantastic as always.
11/19/2020 c188 Guest
11/18/2020 c188 Hope10
My guess for AD is have to gonna be Caleb, Mike, or Toby.

Are the girls gonna go back to jail and will Kara get to testify after AD reveals themselves or will they be stuck in AD’s lair forever?
11/18/2020 c188 TooManyFandom12
I have to reread this entire story now because I'm a little lost on who AD is. I think it could've been Noel Kahn but he's dead and I don't remember anyone else with money. Ezra definitely knows who it is it could be him. I'm lost and I've missed so many clues
11/18/2020 c188 silentmayhem
I am so lost on who A.D is seriously it could be anyone at this point...maybe Lucas the boy is weird and very resourceful.
Toby because so far his been on the outskirts this last portion so wonder how he fits in.
I don't know. I am confused all my usual suspects are either liar's or friends of kara .
In canon i thought it was aria but eddie cleared her, i thought wren but he left the show, i thought lungs by they just never ended his plotline
11/17/2020 c188 Nicole Beverley234
Love it
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