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for Attack of the Gomorradons and Belloc?

3/11/2021 c2 Guest
This is so frickin cute and it makes me so happy every time I read it
7/11/2018 c2 11Chrysanthemum9484
Darn it! It's so funny.
7/11/2018 c1 Chrysanthemum9484
This made my day. Good job mate.
9/21/2017 c1 1wildtrance
Image a video of that going viral.
4/6/2017 c2 4ChaosOrdo-FFL
Freakin adorable.
4/3/2017 c2 3a-ghoul-who-loves-books
Loved it.
12/9/2016 c2 9GhostHex
8/31/2016 c2 Adorableness
This is so fluffly:), I love your story, please write more:D
6/25/2016 c2 4Farala
this was the sweetest family fic I have ever read. it was so hilarious and kinda cute when Belloc started licking them. this was a really fun fic that put a smile on my face. man I wish that there were more fics like these and more fics in this fandom in general.
6/8/2016 c2 wildtrance
This made me smile and giggle so much. I dot do that. I cackle, and grim maliciously. You deserve an award.
4/18/2016 c2 43KodiakWolfe13
Aww, family bonding is just the best thing ever! XD

4/2/2016 c2 Guest
Loved this!
1/1/2016 c2 Guest
More this is awesome.
7/16/2015 c1 Alexis
Can you please make more stories like this. I live Firebreather but people always make Balloc the bad guy. I like how you showed his crating side too. Please continue.
6/19/2015 c1 JJ
You have to write more stories about Duncan being treated like a young baby Kaiju. It's embarrassing for Duncan, but it's so fluffy and cute! Duncan and Belloc father son bonding time is awesome.
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