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9/22/2017 c4 7Medeaa
A hell of a story. thank you . waiting for the rest
11/21/2016 c4 2Magnum Infinitum
Firstly, wow... I found it interesting how you brought the Doomsday machine from the Original Series to the rebooted J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. The characteristics of Enterprise's crew was well done, their relationships, behaviors, philosophy and thoughts. Your illustration of what is happening in this novel I find rather phenomenal. It's practically the episode "Doomsday" in a J.J. Abrams' universe and I love that. Looking forward for the next chapter. Kinda wondering how close to the original episode this novel will be. Keep it up!
10/7/2016 c4 Guest
Um yeah hi... the next chapter would be nice please. Lol
Really want find out what happens next! xD
9/16/2016 c4 42zedille
I've really enjoyed your take on this TOS episode with the versions of the characters from the reboot (and thank you for including Carol in such a featured role!) Your character voices are excellent and you definitely know how to work up the tension. If you come back to this story, I look forward to seeing your resolution of events!
6/25/2016 c1 5JohnnyHarder
Love it! Very disappointed Carol won't be appearing in Beyond. Would have loved to see more of her and I'm slightly confused they're writing her out after making her an official crew member. Will you be updating?
11/30/2015 c2 9Redemption's Avenger
Oh, my fellow collab writer is very good and is now in a STO/Stargate crossover with me. Keep it up, dude! Can't wait to see the crew of the Resolution!
11/28/2015 c4 4TheFirstTrio
That was a awesome read! You are very descriptive and I really enjoy the fact you get people's personalities down to the point. This is professionally written and it's a must read. Now that I am back into things, I'll be watching for this story.
9/12/2015 c4 10Celestial Alignment
Ahhhhhh! So much tension! This was just great. That planet killer is scary as hell. O_O I do feel like Decker should have known what would happen after a "warning shot" since he kind of dealt with it already. But then, he very clearly isn't in the right state of mind for any coherent decision and would have to fall back on standard procedure. Also, Spock was spot on, I love it!

Can't wait for the next installment!
9/3/2015 c4 1tommyginger
I have been remiss in not commenting on this story, but I am REALLY enjoying it. You're doing a fantastic job with all the characterizations and creating the sense of suspense and impending doom!
6/10/2015 c2 4TheFirstTrio
So, my review will be short, but I will say this!

You, once again, do a excellent job bringing characters to life, properly portraying their individual characteristics and mannerisms that make the character who they are. You also follow source material quite well.

In this chapter, I can, as before feel the characters emotions, their feelings as they come to life in a dance of beautiful words and mental pictures. We can feel the shock and anger of the crew when they discover the Constellation's shattered body; we can feel it all.

Excellent work, really and truly. While I wish I could be more detailed in my review, I must say I am extremely pleased with the effort put forth and the story itself! I will review chapter three, eventually, but forgive me, as my time is limited.
6/8/2015 c1 2DownDeepSouth
I love rewrites of TOS episodes, and this looks like it is shaping up to be just that. The detail you are putting into the Bridge scenes is excellent.

The language and behavior seems a little juvenile for this setting though. These are thirty and forty year olds for the most part (minus Chekov on the lower end and Spock on the upper end) and they are the most accomplished in their field. Just sayin.
2/17/2015 c1 4TheFirstTrio
Well, this is a very exciting start to the beginning of this story! I will certainly say you once again have the character types correct, with Jim and Spook being portrayed very nicely. The feel the each paragraph gives is excellent as well, like I can feel what Kirk and his crew are feeling. You do a excellent job describing the scenes and actions as well.

Over all, very good! It should be a good read.
2/12/2015 c3 21ThatSassyCaptain
Oh no indeed! The suspense is getting to me. I really liked the build up in this chapter. Great job!
2/11/2015 c3 10Celestial Alignment
"A giant metal windsock in space." LMAO That is, hands down, my favorite description of the Doomsday Machine. How can something so ridiculous be so dang terrifying? (Trademark of Star Trek, I suppose.) The tension just kept amping up and up in this chapter! Scotty and Bones were a hoot, especially the teasing from Bones about Carol. This is a great conversion of the AOS crew into the TOS story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/9/2015 c3 Urazz
Well, this was a good update. It certainly looks like the crap has hit the fan now with the planet killer coming back.
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