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8/27/2017 c43 19Mellia Bee

*Slams headcanon button with both fists*
8/27/2017 c41 Mellia Bee
Awww, I loved this. Happy reunions! I'm smiling like a big doofus right now. And it was great to have some father-daughter training time.

Also, in an earlier chapter, Kevin's reaction to Clark and Lois was just perfect! You know, you're really making me want to go watch the series again... :)
8/26/2017 c8 Mellia Bee
I laughed out loud at the "breaking a bat without hitting the ball" line. Just thought you should know. :)

I'm loving this, by the way.
8/10/2017 c1 Criador
Genma's Daughter is onze of my favorite stories and this one became a favorite too. You are the best author i know in writing belivable female characters and they would act in extraordinary situations. What i like best about this story is the masterful way how you wrote the reaction of a world when a ficcional character became real. Congratulations.
6/11/2017 c53 Guest
This story needs a sequel! It is so great! Maybe H. G. Wells could get a young Clark Kent from a doomed alternate Earth and bring him to the planet without superheroes?
6/11/2017 c53 4RDavidson
This was very cute. I liked it a lot. Thanks!
4/1/2017 c53 7DrunkenGrognard
Oh, this story was just a joy! Binged it in a single day. Bravo!
3/29/2017 c53 23a2zmom
This was an amazing story from beginning to end. What I most appreciated about it was that every character acted in a rational manner consistent with who they are. I never felt that people were acting a certain way simply to move the plot forward.

Well done.
3/25/2017 c53 Guest
Great story! I hope you write a sequel.
3/21/2017 c53 25Darth Marrs
What a delightful story. I guess it's the parent in me, but I really appreciated the adult perspectives and mostly level heads you portrayed. Thank you for sharing.
2/2/2017 c53 Guest

I know it has been a couple of years since you wrote this story, but had to write anyway. This is the first time I have read this type of story on this site. I ran across your name quite by accident while searching for something else. I'm glad I did. This was a wonderful story and would like to encourage you to write more.

I write Harry potter stories on here and I am re-writing my first story set. My characters of Harry and Hermione share Supergirl's powers. I want to thank you for putting into perspective the location of Metropolis. Like a lot of other people, I thought Metropolis was the name for New York City in Superman's world. I also never thought about mentioning Gotham in my stories. I think now I will when I get to the right parts in my stories. Due to my age (62) I haven't been keeping up with the comics like a younger person might. If you decide to read any of my stories, please keep in mind that I was a beginner and that is why I am re-writing to correct a million punctuation errors and maybe flesh out the stories better. I feel I am improving with practice. Thank you for your time.

1/23/2017 c40 Guest
can we use the garage to store a time machine? - there are so many amazing one-liners in here. I love it!
11/27/2016 c53 Hank
11/1/2016 c53 1readingwizard96
Well done.
8/7/2016 c53 Guest
This is one of my absolute favourite fanfic stories and I read a lot of them over the years! It is so well written and I just love this premise. How people in the real world react to a comic book superhero appearing in the flesh among them. Although I feel sorry for that world now as they don't have one anymore. Maybe a sequel with bringing in Superman or Supergirl from another dimension? Would be great!
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