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6/11/2015 c12 12mikebreslau
BTW, Superman does not wear any kind of shoe - he's invulnerable, so nothing pains his feet. His blue tights end in red stockings.
(Keep up the good work; it's a great fic)
6/6/2015 c53 terryie
Simply superb! Thank you for sharing your imagination.
5/12/2015 c53 1Kalaras
This ... this takes what the Superman mythos is about and presents it beautifully.
5/8/2015 c53 LUCIA
I was thinking, from this story, if Kara Zor-EL was that baby in the last episode of 'Lois and Clark: the new adventures of superman'.
4/29/2015 c53 1Satchit
There are many stories about adults or teenagers learning how to be superheroes. Yours was a very sweet and mature look at a child playing the part. The characterisation, especially of Kara and Emily, was very realistic. Favourited.
4/11/2015 c53 YurigirlzCrush
well I must say that this was a great story start to finish. after I put it down last night the very first thing I did when I woke up this morning was come back to finish it. I have no idea how much of Kara is your work and how much (if anything) is in the comics, but you really made her (and everyone else) great and relatable characters that were really fun to read about. there were some awesome moments in the story, some of it made me laugh, some of it made me a little teary, and I have only one (very minor) complaint: I was hoping for a tiny bit more from Kara's birth mom and dad in their message to her. but again, that's very minor. the story was amazing.

and aside from a few miscapitalizations of StarCraft and your tendency (also in your Ranma fics) to use bemused (which means puzzled or confused) when you appear to mean amused, I spotted next to nothing in terms of things for chapterly error pointy-out time. which honestly is amazing. I usually have a handful of stuff in every chapter that I point out to help out with. so kudos on that as well. most fics I read aren't so well-edited. it shows you care.

of course, I am eagerly waiting for the end of Notes from Juilliard, but since you managed to make me binge through a story on a subject I don't normally follow, I can say with confidence i'll be happy to read absolutely anything you write. *waves*
4/10/2015 c5 YurigirlzCrush
well, I get the feeling someone recognized her name. *grins* or he drinks in gulps that are too big. I know I said I'd be limiting my reviews somewhat moving forward, but I spotted a minor something for chapterly error pointy-out time this chapter.

...but we were playing 3b3 in Starcraft.

two there. it should be 3v3, not 3b3. and it's StarCraft. the c is capitalized.

eager for more, so I waste no more time! onward!
4/10/2015 c4 YurigirlzCrush
hmm. so the superman family will be in the story after all! I was starting to think it would be all Kara. these chapters are a bit shorter than I expected (or I'm just devouring them faster) so I'll be limiting my reviews from here on to any time I have something for chapterly error pointy-out time (nothing this chapter again) or when I have to stop for the day.

but I do have to reiterate: excellent work! can't wait for more. and I won't! so on to the next.
4/10/2015 c3 YurigirlzCrush
*grins* I read another author's glee fics even though I never watched the show, and I'm experiencing that feeling of loss toward the end of the chapter here. not that it's your fault. reading a fic that I don't know the source material from always leads to bits of confusion here or there. but since I have no idea about the subject matter of the last few sections, I can't really comment much on them.

still liking the direction of the story so far and looking forward to seeing where it goes. and once again, I didn't spot anything for chapterly error pointy out time. so I'm on to the next chapter. but I have to say again that I'm glad to be reading your work again. you build characters so well, and this is another excellent example of it. great work so far.
4/10/2015 c2 YurigirlzCrush
well, I like Kara and the cast around her so far. the idea of her being transported out of the pages of a comic book (sort of) is interesting, and has me wondering if there will be other characters from the comics transported into the real world with her. if not, I'm kind of sad for her, since her family would be gone.

not much else to say at the moment, and nothing for chapterly error pointy out time this chapter, so it's on to the next! I guess i'll see how many I can get through before my sisters demand my attention. you hooked me again! *smiles*
4/10/2015 c1 YurigirlzCrush
it's wonderful to see something you've written for the first time in a while. I didn't get the update that you put up something new or I would have read it sooner. I'm not a fan of superman or any of the related shows or comics myself, but I loved your Ranma stories so much (and am eagerly waiting the end of Notes from Juilliard) that I'm game to give it a try. and so far I like it. can't say much else yet since it's just chapter 1, but a very promising start.

normally when I review I include something I like to call chapterly error pointy-out time. I just include any little errors or confusing bits I come across. I will most certainly omit any future ones if you ask me to... I'm just trying to help so that any mistakes can be cleaned up for future readers. so... here it is:

...Unlikely, but whoever gets the case will look into it just the same.

there's a missing quotation mark at the end of that sentence.

that's all I spotted for chapter one. I'm by no means a professional editor or anything, so I might miss some here or there, but I'll point out anything I do spot so you can fix it if you feel like it. and again, ask me to stop if you'd rather not get reviews with errors pointed out in them. I only want to help so you can fix things if you want and will be happy to stop if it's a bother. looking forward to more of the story!
4/8/2015 c1 3skywiseskychan
Well I just binged this story. It's great. Normally when I ride home on the bus I read, but last night I couldn't stop and have been reading this ever since. I absolutely love it. Kara is a great young girl coming into her powers, the fact that you wrote it from both sides was a very nice change to most 'crossovers' and I liked the understated explainations of of the fact that Tempus just caused Utopia, and saved Superman by sending his daughter there first.

In fact the only thing that threw me was that the president wasn't described quite well enough so that I thought he was Obama for a bit there. :)
3/28/2015 c16 12mikebreslau
I am a 77-year-old male Superman fan, and I just wanted to say that this story is so realistically written that (for the first time ever) I find myself believing that I'm an 11-year-old girl! Amazing. Or should I say "super!"
Thanks for contributing...
3/15/2015 c53 Jaze
I found this story via the Kerth Awards, where you were nominated for best Overall Fic, and I stayed up for hours DEVOURING it. What a fantastic story.

One of my favorite aspects was Kara's treatment as a young girl, and her need for instruction and responsible adults, whether it was Em or the various emergency personnel or Clark himself. It's a little thing, but the LOL line for me was the Federal agent who was talking Kara through diverting debris from the space station, and realized she was waiting for the soundtrack. :)
2/28/2015 c48 16Miyu Hinamori
Are Caitlin and Emily Jordan actually characters in the DC universe?
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