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11/4/2019 c10 Guest
This story is great! (I'm feeling like Lafontaine right now)
6/5/2015 c6 3Caelus06
very funny
5/23/2015 c5 22aphleser
Oh, dear, it's all kicking off now!
But how exciting! I'll admit, I know nothing of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or Buffy, or whichever media Michonne belongs to... But I'm getting the gist of it, and I'm definitely enjoying this fic! I'll be honest, imagining Buffy and Carmilla kissing was vaguely repugnant, I'm quite a fiecre Hollstein shipper. I'm glad to see you've updated, and I look forward to deeper and more complex chapters in the future!
Keep going, I can't wait for the next update.
3/2/2015 c4 aphleser
"I ran out about a month ago."
Me too, Lisbeth, me too.
Katniss' training sessions is reminiscent of the days of PE. With the screaming and crying and dying multiplied by a thousand.
I loved the scene between Carmilla and Buffy. From my limited knowledge, I know Buffy's good at what she does, so I wonder who would win...
Excellent chapter, I'm waiting for the next!
3/2/2015 c3 aphleser
Now I'm slightly concerned for the Creampuffs. Lisbeth enjoys using poison as an ingredient. And forgive my dirty mind, but Ladyfingers does sound a touch sexual.
I love the Cosplay line, and Hermione's complete confusion.
I am really enjoying this so far, it's great!
3/2/2015 c2 aphleser
Oh, how I love LaF. "We're in Heaven." I would be like that too, they and I have the same mindset.
I loved the introductions to all of the characters that the Creampuffs meet; I have always idolised Hermione. I like Bella, but she's a bit annoying to me. I like Lisbeth though. Isn't she from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Never seen Buffy and I love Katniss.
3/2/2015 c1 aphleser
Great first chapter, introduces the characters really well. The personalities were on point, very accurate, down to Laura and Carmilla's flirty banter.
I don't know the plot of BAMF on the Block, but I have read most of the books from which the characters come, so I'm sure I'll keep up.
1/24/2015 c3 131StakeTheHeart
Although I haven't seen the show this is based off of, from what I know of the characters, I think it's turning out good. It would be interesting to see where it goes.
1/3/2015 c1 13nolongeractivehere1
When I went into reading this, I didn't have high expectations. Most authors on this site are, quite simply, not good writers. However, this story did go above my expectations.

I think you got the characters' essences very well. I can believe that Carmilla and Laura and the rest would actually say these things, as of this chapter. Perry is a bit off, but other than that, it's okay.

Grammar. You're doing well in this area. I spotted a few errors- you should vary in your sentence types to engage the reader, and make sure to use your commas! But, good potential; nothing so bad I had to stop reading.

Maybe make your chapters longer. I set my minimum word length to 1, 500 words.

You're a little heavy on using passive voice, when you should use active voice. Remember, active voice is where the subject is doing action; passive is where the subject is acted upon.

It's enough as of to keep the reader interested. You've got work to do, but I see potential! (:
12/27/2014 c3 Guest
Whoa this is so weird. Not bad weird but like interesting weird. All these characters in one place and the Carmilla gang's reactions to it is pretty much how anyone would react. I like it so far.
12/25/2014 c1 10deadlynerd
This is nicely written and the dialogue is great :) keep it up fellow slayer and creampuff!

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