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1/11 c13 8RHJunior

Ron Weasley. The one in the books, you know, that you SURELY read?

Ron Weasley's first act on meeting Harry was to split his lunch with him.

At the International Quidditch finals, he GLEEFULLY dumped an armload of the leprechaun gold he'd gotten into Harry's lap... and was humiliated when he found out that leprechaun gold vanished after a few hours.

Yes, he wishes he were rich like any poor kid would, but he happily traded away his own LIFE for the sake of his friends and loved ones over and over again.
1/8 c46 G Fawkes
Belated anniversary! Dec 24 was SIX YEARS for this fic!
(no sarcasm intended)

Still checking in every now and then. January 12 is a good day for surprises.( My birthday)
1/6 c29 Sohni Slytherin
sorry, this is as far as I can tolerate. this is not a Harry Potter story though, this is a wizarding Britain politics story with a few HP chapters thrown in. don't like to read so many chapters of Goblin politics. it's just boring...
12/21/2020 c17 1Le Fatal
Gotta say, I'm entirely reading this for Dr. Granger now. He is the kind non-magical chaos I didn't know I needed.
Im actually starting to look forward to Ginny’s POV! I think one of the biggest strengths your story is the colorfulness of the POV of your characters. You weren’t kidding when you said it was reminiscent of Martin’s ASOIAF. Yes the plot may run as fast as a squished snail, but we get to see depth each character has. I’m not sure if this charactee-centric style would still be interesting a few dozen chapters down the line and we’re still stuck in the middle of second year but from what we’ve seen so far that scenario looks highly unlikely. Thank you so much for writing this!
Goodness I LOVE your take on Hermione’s background. It makes so much sense yet so ridiculous and entertaining! The duality and hesitation between being a “Puckle” and a “Granger” was an absolute treat to read. Thank you so much for writing this!
12/1/2020 c30 Daarklyte
I have really liked your story to this point, the world. Holding you have been doing is great. Personally, I could do with a little less of being in crazy people’s heads listening to them rationalizing their twisted behavior. I get that you have become enamored of the idea of retelling their motivations through this new less but it gets to be excruciating after a few paragraphs. Distill it down, give us the highlights. We don’t need to wallow in it *shudder*
12/1/2020 c17 So long ago
I hate how disjointed you make things.
The plot is different enough that it makes it worth trying to understand, but I really wish you wouldn’t confuse things on purpose.

Hopefully it improves moving forward
11/29/2020 c31 1Deacon Krow
So this is as far as I got. It is a well written story but it is too beriedbin politics to keep my interest. There is way too much detail around certain bits and I’m trying to read a Harry Potter story and this is more an overall Wizarding Britton political debate and it seems the goblins were nerfed so that they were even with Fudge’s ministry when his level of incompetence is the exception not the norm in ministry politics. Like I said at first. You are a good writer but I can’t get behind the weaker goblins and too much politics and not enough Harry for my tastes. Some authors have written Harry into the politics and made it believable so that may be a direction if you get this criticism a lot but thanks for writing. I’ll check out some of your other stories to see if I like the premise.
11/26/2020 c8 Guest
Ok, this, and the first chapter of this story, are my favorite chapters to date. I might grumble a bit (ha ha) about how evil Albus is (and make fun of those who try to excuse his perfidy...), but I do know great writing when I read it, and this is it.
11/26/2020 c7 Guest
So you ARE a Dumbledore apologist...yeah, no thank you. You can try to excuse his theft, abandonment, and manipulations allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you want, but it's not going to work. He's stealing from a baby he abandoned with relatives he knew would abuse Harry then ignored everything about his responsibility except of course when it came to illegally using his image with those stupid books.
11/26/2020 c6 Guest
If you're going to waste time and words trying to get readers to "understand" why Albus is thieving money from Harry's account, that Albus isn't ACTUALLY evil for dumping a baby on a doorstep in winter and for abandoning Harry to people he knew to be abusive, etc., then, yeah, I see no reason to read whatever this is.
11/26/2020 c5 Guest
In one way I liked that this version of "Harry goes to Gringotts" is different but the humor came off kind of...forced? Irritating/annoying more than just funny? Idk, it's probably just my mood.

Carry on!
11/26/2020 c4 Guest
I hope the bad comedy routine between the goblin and the ...whatever that wizard is... ends soon; they're annoying and time-wasting.
11/26/2020 c3 Guest
See, I can totally understand that Harry DOES need to go shopping for clothes, shoes, robes, a decent feather-weight trunk that's expanded on the inside (but not one that could house an entire city block...), things of that nature, but that doesn't mean I want to READ about it unless something plot-ful happens during the spree. Just noting that he DID have his needed shopping spree then getting on w/ the story is fine by me.
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