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5/27 c19 6FliscentFiretail
Dumbledore self delusions are so extreme its like the man has convinced himself that he exists in another reality, with the arrogance of a false god or prophet; like he is the only one who could understand the designs of fate with no explanation great enough to explain the utter and incomprehensible arrogance. It goes past delusion into the fringes of insanity, how detached he is from reality. Ginny is almost on that level, but she at least sulks over the unfairness of life and reality. good chapter overall! Wonderfully done! I love how the goblins were dragged into the story thus far and I love the litigators interactions with his bestie and everyone else. you remain consistent in your story details so good continuity! overall well done! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
5/15 c10 GreenBriarcloud
This Dumbledore scares me. There is no other word for it. That he could be so deluded but hold so much power chills me to my core. I've read stories where he was actively trying to be evil, or where he just thought like a Vulcan, but this? This is terrifying. I must say that is wonderfully well written and a beautiful twist on the "Greater Good" Dumbledore. Very well done
3/31 c46 Drsquirrel
This is such an interesting story! I feel like a fly on the wall of the wizarding world! The story lines are a lot, yes, but they are all very interesting. And we haven’t even seen the basilisk yet! I hope you can post again soon, I’d love to see more interaction between Hobson and Nunya, Bill discovering mass spectrometry, or what happens if Umbridge snuck Sirius Black out of prison! Love it all. Thank for writing this!
3/19 c6 allanreimer
Wow, thanks for that! "Ginny, come get your knickers!" It doesn't get much more embarrassing.
3/18 c46 Caver Floyd
Excellent story, I hope it is continued.
3/13 c46 Tonks7777777
This is a really interesting story and definitely different! I’ve never read a fic where Molly goes back to work and I love it! Thanks so much! I hope you continue this!
2/27 c12 ansari is lazy
Like. I know you said earlier that you're not going for Evil!Dumbledore, but...

He may not *believe* he's evil, but he is *deluded as f***.* Even from his own perspective there's no way to regard him with anything other than wide-eyed horror.

Evil doesn't have to be deliberate. In fact, it's often not. People tend to believe that they are the protagonist of their own story. But deliberately-evil Dumbledore is boring, and this sure isn't.
1/31 c11 1luxcurious
Protective Mother Molly Weasley is the best.
12/22/2021 c3 17PhaedraZev
I enjoyed the Cadogan scene. Gave a human normalness to the story.
12/22/2021 c1 PhaedraZev
I haven't heard the Matilda musical, yet, but Tim Minchin being the lyricist is the only reason I'm considering it. He did the lyrics for Groundhogs Day as well.
12/11/2021 c39 43Brother Grimace
Just finished Chapter 39. Jeez... to paraphrase Al Pacino from 'Scent Of A Woman': "If I were the man I was five years ago, I'd take FIENDFYRE to this place!"

Pomfrey's behavior is effing appalling. There must not be any medical ethics oaths on this AU story, because with what she's done to Hermione, her effing hands should have fallen off by now. This is one of the most uncaring versions that I've ever seen of Pomfrey, and what makes it worse is that this is actually her.

Oh, and PLEASE allow something horrid to happen to navel-gazing Dumbledore. Every time he begins to wax poetic about The Greater Good, I remember that I just bought a new sidearm and need to take a rifle to the armorer.

Will Harry and Hermione find time to have a few happy moments without the damn world peeking in on them? No wonder child stars go loopy on occasion.

Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying this a lot... I just wish an occasional win for Harry over a big target would happen soon.
11/22/2021 c5 Zile0
I love the way you are telling this story. I’m enjoying seeing the various characters more fleshed out and look forward to seeing what you do with others in this tale. Excited to have found it!
11/9/2021 c7 Jaoheah
Shouldn't Fleamont Potter be Harry's grandfather? Or have I misread it somewhere? Do you mean Charlus Potter is Harry's great grandfather?
10/29/2021 c13 14Freddie Rindklip
I like your depiction of Snape's "love" for Lily. This fic is much slower paced than what I usually care for. Thank you for writing.
10/25/2021 c29 2Drew86419
If someone forcefully takes the elder wand from you doesn’t it change allegiances? If so is some random ministry employee the new owner of the elder wand lol. If so nobody will ever be able to rightfully claim it again unless they do some very thorough investigative work
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