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for Alpha and Omega Holiday Shorts

11/23/2017 c4 7bikerboy
Wow, very detailed Kate. But you seemed a bit too angry, like you do realize that this is there first time hearing this right? So, you're kinda being a bit too harsh on them, like they said they didn't know about this proper kill thing until just now. But this was still nice.
11/22/2017 c4 24Mike The Red Engine
Amazing! Also I'd you add my OC to the collaboration?
9/11/2015 c3 1FoxOfLight77
This was a very sad story.
7/11/2015 c2 OwenStarr
I literally JUST saw a firework... it's a bit late... Murica Day's over... It's probably the rednecks again...
7/4/2015 c1 Lonewolf131
If I may make a special request I would like one for you to do for September 11, 2001 meiosis for holiday but this to me will be special to me and memorial day they remember I had a really good friend he wason flight 93 that day. It would mean a lot to me if you write this.
7/3/2015 c2 1Squid84
Atleast the pups finally got to see what those lights in the sky was, but hate to be them in the morning:)
7/3/2015 c2 Alpha wolf 117
God bless America
7/3/2015 c2 1FoxOfLight77
Well that was a sweet moment for the pups. Too bad they'll be punished the next day.
2/27/2015 c1 33Lilly The Omega Wolf
Cool story :)
12/26/2014 c1 Guest
The true "meaning" of Christmas is supposed to be Jesus's birthday, I'm pretty sure. Well, for some people. I don't know. Never mind.
12/25/2014 c1 53dax0042
I loved this. Runt seemed to have a crush on Daria. I love the whole thing.
12/25/2014 c1 46K2912 - The Anonimo Avtory
good story bro, and be safe when you go to LA :)

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