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1/10/2016 c1 tinylittlerobots

I loved when Pino revealed how long Vincent was staring at Re-L that was so funny.

Re-l and Vincent's interaction seemed realistic, given the situation. Haha, I loved how she said "how male you" to him.

Vincent is such a lovable, dork. Seriously, that one episode where Re-l whispered his name and he blushed, I could not help myself but assume he got an insane boner lol.

Thanks for writing!
3/30/2015 c1 3AIGO1
I don't know, man. I might have to disagree with you; the Ergo Proxy section is kind of like a cold tundra, but it's no where near as desolate as the Texhnolyze section. All I'll say is at least I get views on my stories every week(every couple of months for that matter) on this section. Can't say the same for every other section though.

Oh wait, I should probably review the story now. It's rare when I ever actually read anything on this site. I'm always kind of weird-ed out by what I might run into, but this one seemed pretty fun. I never though of a scenario where Vincent is perving out on Re-L, but I can totally see it happening. I swear, every man in that show had a strange obsession with her.

There were only a few typos, so scattered and few that I saw no reason to go out of my way to point them out. Their so minor I barely missed them. Um... that's pretty much it. It was a fun little story as I pictured, but I will say I do disagree with how you portrayed Re-L. Correction, you portrayed her perfectly, but your initial description of her being a strong and independent woman I almost laughed at.

I wish people would see through her act. Think of her like you would a peacock, they're super prideful, annoying, and mean as hell but they hide that by their beautiful colors. Re-L is kind of the same way(or at least, that's how I interpreted her character). She literally has all of those qualities of a peacock but she hides behind her looks and her good portrayal of a strong and independent woman when she is anything but. It's kind of like what Iggy said when he told her off and that crazy robot was trying to kill her.

Everything bad that could possibly happen to her went down in that one episode and that's why it's my favorite moment in the entire series. It wasn't the beautiful moments of story telling, or one of those David Lynch-style dreamscape episodes that ended up being my favorite, oh no. Just the one where fate was beating the crap out of Re-L. that was the best kind of fan service I could as for.

Anyway, nice story, keep up the good work and all of that.
2/20/2015 c1 Guest
Enjoyed reading this piece. Heheee... kinda wished Vincent was more agressive towards Re-L. She needs to be tempered. I like the way you remained loyal in portraying the original character's personality. Keep up the good work :)

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