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7/23 c1 30QueenReedus
Okay, so I read Looking Beyond a while ago and completely fell in love with Hope and George, and I can't believe I have only just found this fic too! I really love the whole Muggle!AU aspect of this fic too, which is something I've never read before but am now more inclined to do so.

I love the way you wrote Hermione to be so confident and Hope to be slightly shyer. George was as mischievous as ever which I adore, and he completely complimented Hope in so many ways. If you were to ever choose to continue this or work on it more, you definitely have a fan here!
8/7/2018 c1 Darkmaster of the arts
Loved this! More would be welcome
7/29/2018 c1 sweet.BitterKH
9/23/2017 c1 BackgroundHeroine
Its absolutely adorable and i want MOREpls
1/16/2016 c1 Harrypotterwannabe00
Like the story but why is it hat the girl always has a dumberror or more useless major that he guy because hope should be strong smart girl but instead shes majoring in history not that thee anything bad with it just wish she would study make medicine or law or engineering something you see smart and dedicated people do
10/19/2015 c1 29Lucy's Dreamland
This is plain amazing and so cute! Great job on the one-shot!
9/17/2015 c1 6thestarsinthesky13
HAHAHA that was immensely fun to read! It's such a great story to be distracted from doing homework...Anyways, I can't wait to see Seen Through Hazel Eyes :) Seems interesting. Can't find it, but with all the stories you have right now, you're pretty busy ahaha
7/27/2015 c1 music anomaly
Yes please make more like this in fact make a story about this as long as its George and Hope cause they're my favorite OTP
4/25/2015 c1 Guest
Could you make this into a story?
3/2/2015 c1 2ptl4ever419
I just got s chance to read this, didn't know it was here before, and found it amazingly hilarious and ├╝ber cute
2/2/2015 c1 Lady Gish
No this can't be a one shot. i like it.. so much. right along with looking beyond but still!
2/1/2015 c1 1Freckleforce01
I would totally add on to this it's so interesting from this point of view.
1/3/2015 c1 I Just Won A Free Toaster Oven
This is awesome! George cracks me up!
12/30/2014 c1 1SilverTail13
Ok, this was hilarious! Georgie was so forward. I was laughing from when he started flirting with her till the end. My brother thought I had lost my mind. Keep up the great work.
12/30/2014 c1 8Carolzynha LF
That was tottaly cute. I love it.
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