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5/30/2017 c4 Kirilios
Veranke. This is hands-down my favorite chapter in a significantly above, or way above average quality story. And despite it only being the 2nd fiction to feature Veranke, it is my favorite of the two that I have thus far found.
I do look forward to more of your stories! With or without Veranke...
5/30/2017 c1 Kirilios
It was very nice! Better than I expected, and an interesting take on the characters!
Forgive me if my critique isn't terribly constructive; I have found no fault with this chapter nor the others. And as these reviews are chapter-specific I should turn to another chapter for the comment I wish to make. ;)
4/12/2017 c6 gacr36
Good one! Seems like total chaos for Emma & co. to manage their kids, but it's really fun to read for us. Keep up the good work!
3/30/2017 c6 8nobodez
I'm not exactly sure what a "porn loin" is, but I, pretty sure it doesn't go in that dish. Pork loin, sure, but most definitely not porn loin.
3/30/2017 c6 marlastiano
Nice :)
1/26/2016 c1 7Mandalore Requiem
? Uh I not sure if I'm tired, but I'm struggling to follow here.
4/24/2015 c5 17Meneldur
Huh. Was going through my email, just realized I never reviewed this chapter, so... a bit belated, but let's do this properly:

Wait, you might be writing more for this story if I give you more ideas. Why didn't you just say so? Nah, kidding; I know how busy you are with current projects. Still, if you ever want suggestions...

"Whoever had come up with the ' ' app was a genius" - What app? Also, while I know it's inconvenient, if she was in diamond form while leafing through papers, she wouldn't have to worry about paper cuts...

Anti-Life equation, heh. What comics does Emma read? I personally love Starfire and Wonder Woman, but I wonder who Emma follows. Anyway, nice to see the place being an institute for even higher learning, as well as Veranke contributing to the school. Becoming the premier institute for mathematics might go a long way...

Huh, so in this universe Wanda gets opposite treatment. I like that. Also, speaking of ideas, I would love to see that incident you described. Was she drunk out of her mind? Or did she just want to see what would happen? Also, relevant question for AoU.

Those outfits sound awesome. I love to see Emma in armor - one of the only good parts in AvX was her Phoenix outfit. I don't get why Wanda didn't give her high heels as well, given she prefers it - she could have made some high-heeled gladiator boots/sandals. but maybe it wasn't on her mind. And Emma seems to have some stellar idea for what to do with these outfits.

Amora as queen of Asgard? Interesting. I wonder if she'd be amenable to having some fun herself... she was always up to it, but maybe being queen means she can't, not without Thor? Not that I'd think Thor would object, even if all he got to do was watch... I mean, those four and Amora? Who could resist?

I loved how obvious it was to everyone - how Sif was like 'this is immoral, please tell me you won't do this' and Amora was all 'yeah, you totally want to do it, right?' with Loki just being smug.

Though really, I think Sif has quite a story there, at least from her perspective - I'm sure Emma would like to hear it. It doesn't sound like the decision to banish her was unbiased - though of course, she's not unbiased herself.

Well, Sif isn't very happy, but Emma's plan seems sound. Getting a teacher like Sif would be useful, especially for those who wield weapons (like say Magik and Pixie, assuming they still have the Soulsword and soul-dagger), besides her actual knowledge. And as Emma says, if Sif does become receptive to their advances... well, to quote The Three Musketeers: "All for one, and more for me".
2/8/2015 c5 discb
But there's no way to bribe everyone else's vote nor is there any way to lobby so clearly it's not like a democracy... p

Thanks for the update and glad to see Sif joins the party.
1/10/2015 c4 Meneldur
So, let's see if we can get a good review off in the 20 minutes before Sabbath...

Interesting to see Emma and SHIELD work together, and I really like how Emma manages to stay independent and powerful despite the partnership, not having to bow down to SHIELD's dictates. I also like to see she's still a bit insecure about her height - or at least, the fact it grants her lesser intimidation powers - it's normal not to be perfect, know that is the case, and wish you could fix it.

It's nice to see that this independence doesn't stop them from working well together, and threats don't sour their relationships. Too often people feel the need to introduce conflict, but even with the tension between Emma and Natalia, they know each other well enough to respect that the other has different means and objectives, and a different moral code. I enjoyed their flirting, especially with Jean interjecting. She does indeed have a way with words - that imagery you induced with those words was... mind blowing

I like how even though Emma is the sexual shark, Jean's the one with sexual stamina. It makes for very amusing imagery, but certainly explains why they ended up with Wanda and Veranke as well.

That last exchange was wonderful. Natasha respects Emma enough to tell her what will happen, and that despite their friendship (?), she still has orders she has to follow. Emma (in a sense) reassures her it won't come to that, and they part with a bit of humor. Even if, as Jean says, Natasha is a bitch, I feel that only helps Emma and her connect and have a bit of an unusual friendship I very much enjoyed.

Ooh, did Victoire practice shapeshifting her organs? How deliciously naughty. Though really, since they have physical evidence of Emma's, well, progeny right there in front of them (unless the Cuckoos have different origins in this?), one wonders why they wouldn't accept that as their origin. Then again, maybe cloning doesn't work that way, where you can make a clone half of Jean and half of Emma? So the comparison to Laura is more accurate, kind of like the Cuckoos in Holly Phoenix Diamond and Elm.

Well, Wanda seems sensible and wise about adding Veranke to their house, even if she's not being very smart about being a mother. Ah well, as I wrote earlier, we all have out failings that make us more human.

Veranke's story.. actually makes a lot of sense. We all see Fury as some kind of genius, but in truth, he's quite a bit of an asshole as well, and often seems to be hasty and blunt. I can easily see him taking Veranke's words wrong, or even just deciding that even an exile fleet would destabilize the world and that he has to stop it, leading him to lie to Natasha, Emma and everyone. The invasion is actually a pretty sensible plan. Given Fury's reaction, they even did the right thing when they decided to infiltrate, rather than going through the governments or SWORD/SHIELD.

The ending was hilarious. Jean's reaction was lovely and typical, if not the best given that Emma's trying to think about how to deal with it. Still, it seems to have worked for the best, so all's well that ends better?

Laura's reaction was gold, and a lot like how I feel about this. Emma's favorable reaction to her was icing on the cake. I really hope for a lot more, even if there's just one more chapter currently planned.

And lastly... Amora, I choose you!
1/8/2015 c4 saint21
Pick Sif,pick Sif!
1/3/2015 c3 Meneldur
Ah, more Emma. How I enjoy this.

Emma's bit of verbal sparring with Xavier with nice. I like that no matter how much better adjusted she is, that trait remains in her. Of course, we can see the better-adjusted attitude in her pragmatism and ability to accept that she is not necessarily the best.

Hmm, I find Xavier's argument in Scott's favor unconvincing. Even without Emma's claims of them being specious, it's not thoughts. Ogling a woman is an act of will - as is, actually, thinking. True, you can't suppress instincts and desires, but Emma is castigating Scott for apparently focusing in his thoughts on her breasts, which leads to him staring at them. I very much doubt she would have had the same gripe if his line of thought was 'don't look at her breasts, don't look at her breasts' while occasionally failing to do so. Because that line of thought shows a realization that people displaying their body is not an invitation to look at them, but rather a personal expression of their style and sex.

Which is why Emma's jab about comparing Scott to a teenage boy is exactly in place, and would win the argument - while his desire is natural (if heteronormative, heh), he had the ability to control it and be mature about it. That he does not proves his lack of self-control.

See - Jean inspects Emma's body, Emma doesn't object, Emma returns the favor. If Jean then objected, Emma would stop, though probably call her out on her hypocrisy - though she might still let her do it. Because Emma doesn't mind women (or at least Jean) ogling her, but is bothered by Scott. Why is that so hard to understand?

I don't know, if the girls aren't in contact with Emma's parents, Amaranth's question is legitimate. I mean, yes, it ignores Emma's history, but since this entire story rests on Emma's assumption that they don't know enough of her history, it's stupid only in its lack of knowledge of things Amaranth should know, not in actual understanding of the world.

Very amusing joke, I like Emma's sense of humor.

Ah, Jean's description of how they'd work Cerebro together does indeed sound make it sound like being drift partners. Of course, there are other advantages as well...

Emma and Jean's flirting was awesome. I liked how Emma stayed in control and Jean was, well, her usual self in these matters. Highly amusing. Especially the part with Jean's stray thought, and then Jean correcting Emma about it. It's good to see she was able to get over he embarrassment eventually. And the girls' reaction was highly amusing - to that, and to Emma's ending comment. Although I feel like I'm missing the joke - why does eating Jean's ass like a sandwich pertain to Emma's 'bi phase'?

Nice reference to Emma watching what her daughters are up to online. I really think it's good to know that while they're permissive and supportive, they're also keeping an eye on their girls and the advisability of their online actions. Although, yeah, shudder for what Emma has seen and for Rachel and Laura realizing that.

Emma and Jean's mental banter over names was amusing, as was Emma's sudden scramble to correct their positioning. It's wonderful to see that even a woman so in control as Emma can be discomfited by height differences and wondering whether her name fits. It adds a lot of humanity to her, making her more than just the imperious Headmistress of the School and leader of the X-Men.

Nice overview on Magneto's supporters. I'm also intrigued by Emma leading the X-Men from the school. Given Jean and Cerebro, though? That actually makes a lot more sense. Since they have a range and control that allows them to talk in Space, all they need is to keep their physical bodies safe - and the best place to do that would be far away from the fight.

It's nice to see Emma with a bit more respect for people as well, realizing that Magneto is a titan of a previous age, a bit like the first open mutant (with all respect due to Namor, yes?), and that she's determined to impress him in these negotiations.

Enjoyed the reference to all the retconning with Wanda's parents, and that they still haven't figured it out. Hazard of war babies, or whatever Wanda is in this universe, I guess. Though, I find it odd Emma would refer to her wife as Professor Maximoff in front of her own daughters and wife... I mean, I know Laura and Olivia are there, but you'd think Emma would at least call her Wanda.

Also, all of Emma's brood have some sort of (what is considered) sexual deviation and that is brilliant, and it is also brilliant that she, stripper, and serial beaver is the responsible one.

I liked Erik's approach and offer. It showcases him as the rational planner he truly is, rather than the rabid fanatic he's usually toted as - as he himself notes. Still, kind of a dick move, at least in regards to Wanda. I enjoyed his teasing of Emma, though - if this was a rather more medieval setting, it could be said that he just offered her a marriage alliance. I enjoyed the reference to Xavier as well, which drove home their similarities.

Nice. I like how Jean and Emma do romancing. I wonder how far ahead they were planning - clearly there was the long term in view, but I doubt they thought they'd up married to Wanda - though bed was clearly high up in their goals.

Oh my goodness, that is so teenager it is precious. Being cousins didn't deter them, but having one's mom sleep with the other? That's disgusting. I love it, utter hilarity.

Emma's a shark, I love that imagery. Makes sense, what with four wives who apparently occasionally might entertain even more... as they say, she's like a sex shark - if she stops moving, she dies.
12/29/2014 c2 8nobodez
Damnit, this needs more!

I must say, I really like your writing style.
12/28/2014 c2 discb
For a second I thought you were going to break the fourth wall with Ama. Thanks for the update.
12/27/2014 c1 17Meneldur
So, finally getting to this... anyway, this was an excellent opening. Nice references to bland headcanon and Frozen. Actually, it's canonically the other way around - back in the days of Academy of Tomorrow when Emma was still the White Queen, she would go around dressed in her lingerie, while mentally projecting the image of business attire. But I suppose you mellow as you age, and marry, and have kids...

Is Dazzler really that better at pop? Or does Emma simply prefer her because she knows her/is a mutant? I mean, I don't think she's much classier...

So, the order is Rachel, Amaranth, the Five, and Victoire? Interesting. How did Emma get so lucky to have quintuplets? Or were they not consensually created? Then again, I suppose it could been like the actual Cuckoos - they were taken from her as eggs before she married her wives, and only brought to life after Amaranth was born... in any case, which is it?

Now, I know this is a bit early, given they're all teenagers, and I understand why Emma would dislike Laura/Olivia for their fathers, because Logan... well, Logan, and Alex is Scott's brother, and Scott's repulsive, and how much of an improvement can Alex be? But, eventually they will probably be finding significant other(s), and that kind of attitude of 'tolerate only for the sake of her daughters happiness', well it doesn't usually make for healthy family relationships. I can totally understand; I just wonder if that's the best she can do, because if she does care for her daughter's happiness, I'd think she'd try to be as accepting of their partners as possible. Unless, you know, Emma is calculating it's just teenage love, gone in a few years, and sees no reason to expend the effort, unless they stay steady, in which case she'll start being nicer, which is reasonable.
Wow, I really overthink this, don't I?

Wow, Rachel really is a rebellious teen, isn't she? It's like she got Jean and Emma's independence and Emma's snark, combined with being a teen. I wonder if she reminds Emma of herself as a teen, because she certainly does it to me. Also, points on Christmas Adam; highly amusing.

Okay, yeah, so the Quints come in later (in fact, only a year previous). There must be a story there as well - I know we're still in the middle of this, but I'd like to hear that too, if you ever get to it, or at least a cliffnotes version, if you've got time to tell me.

Wonder what Amaranth considers so horrible about Wanda and Emma's getting together, especially given how Emma seems to think she's exaggerating. That is, what images did she get stuffed in her mind from Emma's story that are so traumatizing? But yeah, Victoire totally has the worst (or best, depending where you look at it!) origin story, I can't wait 'till we get to it.

Wait, Emma was actually working as an exotic dancer at the Hellfire Club at the time? Or is this Laura assuming based on Rachel's incorrect version? Because if she was, and wasn't the White Queen (that is, one of the heads), I can't see how she wasn't doing it for fun, given how she appeared to be rich enough to buy the school from Charles...

I really want to hear all these stories now, so good work on that. I also want to hear all the other versions - Amaranth's and Rachel's embellished ones as well. This promises to be excellent...

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