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1/14/2015 c4 Fourze
Omg it's Lisa Lavender.
You totally spoiled White Riding Hood btw
1/14/2015 c4 GreatZero
I was hoping she'd use Weiss in a smarter manner. You know, keep her alive and use her as a hostage to get some things.
1/14/2015 c1 Words and letters
Oh, I posted the review with minecraft on the other story.
Just a thing I had to post to fix a mistake, wouldn't mind if this is deleated for the fact it isn't a review
1/14/2015 c4 Words and letters
Did my review remind you of minecraft?
Anyway, I LOVE THIS STORY, ahem this is so good on how Ruby is so brutal and unforgiving, oh and the reanimated dead puppet things that are not EVER gunna be considered zombies. So cool keep writing I want more.
1/14/2015 c4 inviter
ok. Yang, Blake et Weiss vont devenir comme Emerald et Coco, des zombie. Es-ce que Cinder aussi?
1/14/2015 c4 Electric Eclectic
So, I take it the good doc is basically a Necromancer of sorts?
1/13/2015 c1 2gealex99
For your story depressed ruby has sat on a fence wherr on the good side there is her friends and the bad side is her love roman. Now you have given us a choice of which story to read and what side she goes to. If you take good she goes to beacon but still sits on the fence. If you read this story she breaks the fence shoots her friends shoots roman and blows everyhing up... that escalated quickly
1/10/2015 c3 Fourze
Neo X Ruby seems like such a cute couple.
I have an inkling that Ruby is going to kill her in the end tho D:
1/10/2015 c2 Fourze
Poor Editor 2 :(
Is Editor 1 still around btw?
1/10/2015 c1 Fourze
That escalated very very quickly
1/8/2015 c3 GreatZero
Actially we can't quite be sure if Neo is mute. He may have just not have given her a voice yet or anything. its possible. she could just be like Silent Bob (alway the go to reference) and hardley ever speak.
1/7/2015 c3 Guest
What's a otp
1/6/2015 c3 4ODST110
that was good, but when is neo in white riding hood? i dont remember her in it
1/6/2015 c3 17Ahmira Zaraelys
this chapter had a lot going on, felt almost a little too much at once.
That said, was still enjoyable
1/6/2015 c3 Words and letters
A great chapter, I love this side of Ruby, so dark ,so evil , so good(as in a good written character, not this character is a saint type good)
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