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1/31/2020 c24 James Birdsong
Nice work
10/13/2019 c4 GrumpyGrue
Satori goes for the NUMBER ONE HEADBAND. She continues her path of slaughter...with cuteness.
10/13/2019 c3 GrumpyGrue
Satori is going to have rock hard muscle if she keeps climbing. Then she can go toe to toe with other pokemon, like Touhou Puppet Play.
10/12/2019 c2 GrumpyGrue
Satori fights dirty. Dirty girl.

I didn't expect the bridge princess to show up. So when she did, I thought "Fate smiles on me. Remilia blesses me with top tier yandere." Lo and behold, the oversized mosquito appears.

Satori prostituted herself. Mistress services. Sakuya is biting her lip isn't she? She wants to peep.
10/12/2019 c1 GrumpyGrue
This starting chapter is so good, it needs to be acclaimed in Bunbunmaru News. I want Satori to step on me in stockings. Or stilettos. That lucky pikachu! I'm so jealous, I could be a Parsee!
11/27/2017 c24 Mernom
Pretty nice overall. Not sure if an S2 would ruin it... Knowing a good point to cut it off is also an important part of storytelling... But I wanna see who became champion in the end! Ugh... Why do you burden me with such a good ending that still leaves so many speculations?
11/27/2017 c22 Mernom
Oh. Nice one.
11/27/2017 c20 Mernom
Somehow, the 2nd adventure ended up entirely anti climatic. And with the remaining chapter count, I don't think you can make another arc without starting the finale already...
11/27/2017 c19 Mernom
That explains his comm silence...
11/27/2017 c18 Mernom
That seems interesting. The things the guy didn't want to say might be the key to why Satori doesn't act her age. Too late to ask him, though.
11/27/2017 c16 Mernom
That was a pretty nice scene.
11/26/2017 c12 Mernom
Have shit. Here we go again.
11/26/2017 c10 Mernom
Again I'm back to the issue of age... It seems weird to me that Satori would be that effected by killing if she's an adult Youkai. Especially since some of them consume humans. I suspected some kind of foul play...
11/26/2017 c9 Mernom
Just gonna point out, it wasn't smart from them to stash Satori and the other guy in the same room as the others. If they told the others how they got cought, and then they mentioned it to the police, the thing would realize that there's an escape tunnel.
11/26/2017 c8 Mernom
I was wondering if there are any more Crossover characters. Seems like all the interludes star a few of them.
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