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for Bellatrix's second chance

5/9 c33 2spelledink
No love for poor Ted Tonks? Poor guy…
At least Harry’s family is growing!
4/25 c42 kaylonr
Normally, I don’t leave reviews. It’s not about this chapter specifically but at this point I don’t know if I can endure anymore. I’m going to attempt to keep reading in hopes that it gets better, I will say that there are good points and plenty of plot. But there’s way too much of a negative and depressing atmosphere for Harry and his friends. I understand that he was beyond severely abused and there’s no timeframe for healing, but even when there’s a little light of hope you’re too quick dive back into the dark. Just something that’s been bothering me for a few chapters now. Hopefully it brightens up sooner rather than at the ending.
4/8 c5 2SinfulScribbles
The concept for this story is fun, and for the most part the writing quality is certainly up to par, I juat for the life of me cant get over the children’s dialogue. There are 7 year olds talking like butlers on Downton Abby. Its a bit tough to get through.
4/1 c234 Talonwalker
Great story! Thanks!
3/12 c51 66FutureTrunksFan94
Oh no! Not Daphne! No!
3/12 c50 FutureTrunksFan94
Yay, Harry is better, and there is Dumbledore. Now what does the old senile fool want?
3/12 c49 FutureTrunksFan94
Dang, Snape crossed the line there and got what he deserved. Wow, I'm wondering how else they're gonna mess things up for our heroes.
3/11 c47 FutureTrunksFan94
That escalated quickly.
3/11 c46 FutureTrunksFan94
Dumbledore you jerk. I hope all your plants don’t grow and your water turns to steam when you touch it.
3/11 c45 FutureTrunksFan94
Dumbledore is so annoying. In a bad and good way. Gah, go chip a tooth, you old senile fool.
3/11 c44 FutureTrunksFan94
Good to see more of Narcissa in things.
3/11 c43 FutureTrunksFan94
Wow, Harry showed him who was boss, but I doubt it will end there.
3/11 c42 FutureTrunksFan94
Dumbledore favoring Draco is a first. This is interesting and getting more so by the second.
3/11 c41 FutureTrunksFan94
Dobby is unfun. Also liking how he’s scheming with Molly to ruin things for our heroes.
3/5 c17 dawn manabat
i just want to thank you for doing this story for me this is the best story in my library
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