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for Welcome to Hufflepuff!

8/27/2023 c1 HoneyBear84
Love it lol
4/7/2023 c1 ArkhCthuul
If insanity wasn't usually used to achieve special things, this short would be perfect.

It's still absolutely excellent
10/2/2022 c1 sundaydo7
No one today knows that the reason every generation of Hufflepuff is determined to stay underachieving conspiracy theorist cult was actually a silly prank that got out of hands .

That's my headfanon now.
7/7/2022 c1 Cool Guest

It makes sense too. It's a world where you trade sanity for power. Therefore the most powerful are practically guaranteed to be among the most insane.

Sharing the secret wouldn't stop wizards for yearning more power. If all that was common knowledge that would reduce a little the degree of use for powerful mind damaging and deteriorating magic; but wouldn't stop it and if nearly everyone was unwilling to wield powerful magic even for self defense everything could easily be far far worse. Imagine a world where the most evil and crazy are known to be generally the ones to win, the ones that get to make the decisions, the ones free to do and live by their own rules.

How far would you need to be pushed before you are willing to sacrifice some of your sanity to protect what you care about?

This way the Hufflepuffs become a secured group, a sanctuary of sanity while segregating about 3/4 of the more mentally compromised students in such a way that they keep each other in check, and the Hufflepuffs are left in peace as much as possible.

The optimist inside me is screaming that there ought to be a better way. A clever way to gain power in the name of sanity, regulate and ban magic as deemed fit. A sustainable way to defend against the dark arts and the insidiousness of human nature without damning the wizard's leaders or future generations.

But that's easier said than done, I can appreciate how that could be a challenge great enough to elude centuries of Hufflepuffs trying to solve it.

Still I'm confident that if someday the Hufflepuffs were to find a way to gain legislative powers and a sustainable way to uphold them they could surely increase the % percentage of wizards that stay on the straight and narrow and better reduce and hopefully prevent the decay of mental health currently afflicting the wizarding world.
4/20/2022 c1 5Scribbling Steve
This story makes a disturbing amount of sense, and I use the word "disturbing" advisedly. Nice work, Sinister Man.
4/10/2022 c1 2hauntedink
Absolutely delightful story and certainly puts the Dursleys in an entirely different light.
2/13/2022 c1 DaughterofHecate
I just need you to know that I 100% agree with this and it's amazing, so keep writing! Good luck with Prince of Slytherin!
9/18/2021 c1 25stevem1
This is hilarious. And possibly true.
6/28/2021 c1 10TheLoud
Headcanon accepted.
6/16/2021 c1 Hank1967
Truly, truly both incredibly funny and scarily true to canon. Brilliantly done! Reminds me a little bit too much of reality... Think I need to go find me a nice fluffy story to read after that. ;-)
4/10/2021 c1 1DeadFish37
This is dull in the first half, but that just serves to make the ending all the more impactful. I am currently laughing slightly hysterically. Great work!
3/29/2021 c1 Guest
… loool.
This is a bit bizarre, but ultimately just very wow.
3/18/2021 c1 1Mr. Blackswan
Great stuff!
2/27/2021 c1 d1n0s
Woah, just woah.
2/23/2021 c1 2merendinoemiliano
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