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3/30/2015 c8 Guest
So i'll say that Qrow is an unredemable character and now matter how much tragic past or future sacrifices will always be an asshole to me. Also phryyas death was so quick ,shocking, and rough that it took me a few seconds to process what happened. Also ilove the relationship you got going with Ruby and Weiss and their GIGANTIC age difference. Anyway good chapter keep up the statues quo.
3/26/2015 c8 Rwbyfan54
Good job I have an idea. Where ruby powers are losing control and are unstable for a while because she is improving them how does that sound plus will there be ships and love scenes in this story
3/26/2015 c8 Weeping Pegasi
Pyrrha no! :(
Gah why would you do that?
3/26/2015 c1 Guest
More witch hunter please
2/14/2015 c6 Weeping Pegasi
Welcome to the club! We have t-shirts. I've been a member of the Going Blind Club since the 4th grade! Without my glasses the monitor is a big white blur... and I'm a foot away. D:
2/14/2015 c6 4ODST110
what are the side effects to normal people?

and hooray! another member to the wonderful club of blindness!
1/27/2015 c5 ODST110
aww, thats so sad. i hope you can feel better about it. i would say i know how you feel, but when m dog was hit by a car she was barely hurt. im really sorry man.

the story is pretty good. i hope that ship doesnt stay redacted. . .its one of my favorite too
1/23/2015 c4 Guest
You introduce adam and them you kill him, that's funny. Imagine that happens in volume3. People would be mad
1/23/2015 c4 ODST110
that was fine. i think neptune being that insane and egotistical was a bit off, but its fine.

fun fact, i meant to write odd, not off, but my finger was off by a key, and decided to leave it. it worked just as well
1/15/2015 c3 ODST110
i like it. the SS Bumblebee will be fun to see set sail

whats redacted ship? never heard of that one.

fun fact for me: its 5 am and i havent slept since the previous night. and im going to school in a couple of hours. Hooray!
1/12/2015 c3 The rakyat
I think you put mercury personality a little off because in the anime he is shown very sarcastic and very skilled kickboxer, he is lije a he yang, please tell me your opinion
1/2/2015 c2 ODST110
well, the last of us is depressing, and while the ps4 may be the ruler, my xbox one is named brutus. im sure someone such as yourself might know why. just be happy you didnt name your ps4 Caesar.

that was pretty good, i feel like this reminds me of angel with blake and her power. still good, and i liked Angel, so yeah
12/29/2014 c1 HeatherStylinson
This story is pretty interesting, ok I'm kidding. I'm Already Loving It! Please update soon it's really good and I want to see more! Good job on this amazing story it's going to turn out to be!
12/26/2014 c1 Rwbyfan54
cool story thats good you got a ps4 what weapon will ruby have will she have a scyte or a sniper and you should watch deathbattle its a cool show maybe you can do a rwby deathbattle thing maybe if you watch it you dont have too
12/26/2014 c1 ODST110
huh, thats kinda cool

sorta reminded of angel a little bit, not that much, but some.
its pretty good, kinda wish maybe ruby and yang were at least cousins or something, ruby just popping out of the blue is kinda 'meh'. nora being dead is only a little sad, i mean sad, but not cripplingly so.

cool on getting all that stuff for christmas
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