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12/22/2019 c1 guest
Harry may be up the creek here: he cannot ring his prospects. He has no money for a public pay phone (there were many then) and wouldn't dare make that many calls from the Dursley phone: he'd know they would likely kill him when they got the bill. He cannot owl anyone, either, since he knows of no nearby wizarding post office.

The only thing I can devise that has any chance - not great! - of succeeding is for him to visit Mrs. Figg. He could inspect the cats for Kneazle tails and the mantel for Floo powder, using the latter to reach someone while Mrs. F. was getting him tea and biscuits. He'd have to get gone before she returned and heard where he was going, which means he'd have to craft a short! effective cry for help, something on the order of, "I'm in danger, can I come through right now?" If he said that holding his fringe up to show the scar, his target would agree.

He could use the same method for the Tonkses or any of the Heads of House if his dreams had shown the professors treating him anywhere near the way they did in canon. I disagree with you on this: if the dreams were extensive, HP would have seen that Snape, though viciously hateful in speech, always ~acted~ to preserve HP's life and limb. If he had dreamed of McG's opinion of the Dursleys, he'd go for her first of all. Much depends on the nature and extent of the dreams.

He'd then have to explain ~very~ quickly to whomever just why he needs to avoid Dumbledore like the plague, which he might not be capable of doing: he always strenuously resisted disclosing the Dursleys' abuse to anyone at all. Maybe dire necessity would change his mind; I would hope so. If he could force himself to speak of it, any of those people would very likely support him fully ~and~ get the others in on it as well.
12/1/2016 c1 Cassandra30
Excellent! I like this idea! Are you going to continue it?
5/19/2016 c1 5Ianthesmall
I wanted to reply to your review but was blocked from doing so at this moment, but while I am thinking about it, thank you for the review. I apologize for my mistakes and am working to correct them as I would like it to be correct. Thank you for looking out.
8/7/2015 c1 8MuggleCreator
I agree with all the first reviewer said. I'd love to take it, but all my writing energies are going towards uni and my original fiction... I've even neglected my own stories :(
Anyway, I hope you get a taker who uses it for good and not just bashing.
12/28/2014 c1 1Nanettez
I think Ted's real name would be Edward. So he would need to try E Tonks.
As Harry only had a few weeks to wait he could just remember to hide his letter and not try to read it at the table.
Has Harry been dreaming of fan fiction as some of the above are not in the books?
This looks interesting so I hope you get some takers who do not use it as another Dumbledore bashing as they get a bit boring.

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