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for In the Night

3/9/2015 c4 Anon
This is flawless and i need more.
1/9/2015 c4 6defectivebrainstorm
Don't really know how to describe how I feel about this one. I mean I liked it of course, but what I had in my head for this chapter based on what you told me and what actually happened were very different (in my mind anyways, I'm sure more will be said on that later). Call me twisted, but I like the self-loathing vs lust.
Okay, you've got me hooked. You promised lust, so now I wanna see smut!
1/9/2015 c3 defectivebrainstorm
Nice. Clinical, but still hot. And I like your style of angst; it's there, but it's not like a slit-your-wrists sobfest. It's not pretentious. It's a fucking relief.
I don't need to tell you that I like this kind of character, but I like Lysander too. You've written him as cute and practical, but not the fretting, timid little ukes that are done to death in the slash fandoms. This is very refreshing. Obviously you have a good understanding of the characters, which is impressive, considering the source is drawl. No, I'm not letting it go.
1/8/2015 c2 defectivebrainstorm
So I don't know the background of this character real well, other than the bitchy ex (I don't really care to know, I've told you how I felt about the canon), but I always love some good hurt/comfort. and you with the words! Good stuff! I'm actually jealous. And I'm glad you didn't pussyfoot around with confusion on both ends, and this Lysander guy being up front, it just helps the story move so much quicker. And I really appreciated your commentary on bisexuality because that's EXACTLY how it is.
1/8/2015 c1 defectivebrainstorm
Man you need to write more, I'm always blown away when I see your writing, like 'who the hell is this?'. Always the sucker for teh gays, this story seems off to a good start and I'm excited to read more. Coincidentally, I was listening to Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced by Dropkick Murpheys when I started reading this and it was perfect.

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