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7/12/2015 c35 noro
wonderful writing loved it great work
7/9/2015 c35 4Finchel86
This chapter was simply perfection; Finn and Rachel are meant for each other and yes I knew about the irish tradition because I saw a movie about it. dont be sad, as my best friend Firegirl 125 said; you can talk to me if you feel sad, Im also sad because of Cory, but we can remember his happy moments together and this story is a beautiful way to keep alive his memory. I want to congratulate for this beautiful story and cant wait for the epilogue
PS: you can write a sequel if you want :)
7/8/2015 c35 lulu1954
Love that things are getting better for Finn! Anxious to read more!
7/7/2015 c35 Amypilierfan123
aww great update :) so cute *Waits for chap 36*
7/7/2015 c35 30cab4five
Thanks so much for another awesome update, I will be sad to see this end it has been one of my favourites. Please don't take to heart the nasty comments, I think you do an excellent job. Even though the next few weeks will be sad ones for all Cory/Finchel fans we as ff writers, can keep alive the finchel story. Please keep going, I'd love to read more of your work. xxx
7/7/2015 c35 Kedzie3238
I will be sad to see this story end as well. This was an excellent chapter though. Don't ever stop writing your finchels stories because you really do a wonderful job.

I know next week will be tough because of Cory's anniversary. Your stories and the other great writers out there help keep him alive and make us so happy. I would really miss that so hang in there. Cory would be proud.
7/7/2015 c35 20GilmoreGirlsAddict - Rogan Fan
Great Story

Hope you update soon
7/7/2015 c35 12SammiLoves2Write
Awe! This was adorable! I can't wait to read more! UPDATE!
7/7/2015 c35 14khazrn43
Update was great. I know I've been hard on you for past updates but it is out of love. I want you to be the best Finchel writer you can be. With so few of us left I kind of got overprotective and wanted quality writing and stories that made sense to who the characters were. I apologize if I ever hurt your feelings. That was never my intent.

*****Don't Stop Fincheling*****
7/7/2015 c35 11Fire Girl125
I think I'm crying tears of joy at the end. I'm so sad this story is almost over because it's been nothing short of perfection!

I understand a very tough day is coming with Cory's death anniversary and all, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm available. I can't wait for the next chapter of your story. :)
7/7/2015 c35 23WriterGurl11
This was amazing! I'm down, too, about Cory's death anniversary (should we even call it that?) approaching.. So sad, but a great chapter! You can always message me if you need someone to talk to! Update when you can and feel like it!
7/7/2015 c35 16Hummelberry94
Okay, you are such a great writer. You made me cry and laugh and cheer with this story. I love it. I love that you wrote Finn alive. It made me so happy.

I'm sorry that some people have made mean comments, but just ignore them. You are doing so well with this story and it has made me happy.
7/7/2015 c35 1Alex B. Goode
Outstanding job!
7/5/2015 c34 Guest
I loved this story. I do, however, think that you should give the writers of Glee more credit for dealing with the circumstances they were given. Cory died. How could they have Finn survive? Just talk about him and never show him? That's creepy, and disrespectful. But you know what's not disrespectful? Rachel being happy in the end. She would have been a lot happier with Finn, but, with the way things turned out, I'm glad she got some sort of happy ending. Finn always cared more about Rachel's happiness than if that included him. He would want her to move on. I'm still a total Finnchel shipper and optimist, which is why I read this in the first place, but I also understand that life can be unpredictable.
7/1/2015 c34 lulu1954
Awesome chapter! Can't was until they get married...ready for more
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