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9/25/2019 c10 TorterraFan493
"The reason they invented Escape Orbs."
No, no no noooo - they invented Escape Orbs to be traded in for Reviver Seeds.
It just so happens that not only can you also trade a couple Apples in for an Escape Orb, but Marowak Dojo's just loaded with the Orbs - FREE REVIVER SEEDS!

I love it so much.
9/25/2019 c9 TorterraFan493
Wait...doesn't Limestone Cave have a Ditto guardian?

I know Team Charm and Wigglytuff run into him; why didn't Grovyle? Odd; Ditto's the only guardian never mentioned in Time/Darkness, being exclusive to Sky's Special Episodes.
9/25/2019 c1 TorterraFan493
Speaking of, just how far into the future IS the paralysed future we all know? A year? Decade? Not like such matters then, but now, it does.

What happened to Wigglytuff? Was he finally overpowered and...gulp...executed?
7/13/2017 c21 6Alyss Penedo
This story is somehow both sweeter and sadder than canon ever managed, and canon made me pretty darn emotional at times. So much agnst, but with an ending that technically qualifies as happy, yet is somehow...less. more. I dunno, is somehow /something/, that isn't quite real life, but doesn't quite fit into this idea I have of typical Pokemon aesthetic.
...Maybe I'm just confused because I don't want the story to end, but the ending is perfect I can't think of a good way to continue it -.-

Nate is someone I'd say was overpowered in any other fic, given his sheer versatility in abilities and how quickly he plans strategies and implements them, but he's somehow not. He struggles, the fights are realistic, things don't always magically go right for him (or when they do, it's realistic and keeps to the logic of the rest of the story). It's rather well done, and I'm still trying to figure out how you did it. Dark!Martha was a mind-twistingly nice touch, as was the way the whole other-/other/-future gang showed up, though I'm a little confused why Nate's memories didn't change to match the other-other-Grovyle's of having the help of the resistance. Doesn't current-Nate (from the other future) then not match the Nate from new-Grovyle's (and everyone else from the future gang) memories (from the other-other future)? Am I making any sense?

If I've confused you, I'm going to count that as karma for muddling me up with the nicknames. They're distinct, with their own back stories and personalities, and yes, that's very helpful in distinguishing them. But it would've been so much easier to keep track of what recruit was what type and what Pokemon they were in general if you had just called them by their kinds -.-
4/15/2017 c21 23TheSparklyKitten
4/15/2017 c15 TheSparklyKitten
I feel tears welling up
4/15/2017 c9 TheSparklyKitten
Oh no will Ian/Nate steal a time gear?
4/15/2017 c8 TheSparklyKitten
Sweet sweet justice... :D
4/15/2017 c6 TheSparklyKitten
4/15/2017 c5 TheSparklyKitten
(cues dramatic music)
4/15/2017 c4 TheSparklyKitten
Wooo hoo! Ian is back in business with future psychic powers! YAYA!
4/15/2017 c3 TheSparklyKitten
This is the story I like! The hero being smart and advising his partner!
4/15/2017 c2 TheSparklyKitten
Oh golly this will be either good or bad in the future of Ian missing grovyle and then they show up on a wanted poster, I am hooked!
4/15/2017 c1 TheSparklyKitten
THIS IS VERY EPIC WOO! I am so excited!
8/1/2016 c22 Guest
Good story...
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