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for MBAV Season 2 Tails of Fun

8/31/2020 c9 58TiredOfBeingNice
ahhh i'm so happy to see this story againnn! :DD

poor cammie being sick :(( i can't believe you from five years ago wrote that she was sick and here you are, updating in the year of the ultimate sickness :')) but i am hoping that cammie is gonna be ok for the next adventure!

i also love your take on the episode, makes me remember how fun this episode was :') can't wait for the next one! :D
8/30/2020 c9 25Stretch Snodgrass
This was a lot of fun. A great write up of the episodes, with Cammie, Ethan's caynic (magical dog) added. And new details (Cammie makes it clear that Mudrap is luring children to their doom) and (I think) a couple of news gags added too. Great job.
8/30/2020 c9 16Bennyweirlover17
this was a wonderful episode rewrite chapter and I can’t wait for more
8/29/2020 c9 jessgood
Thanks , I switch accounts sometimes so it may differ/vary for which account I use, and I am glad to have this being updated again, I missed this series . Thank you for your great writing
6/9/2017 c8 Bennyweirlover17
can't wait for the next one hope you update it soon because this story is really good and awesome
6/9/2017 c7 Bennyweirlover17
6/9/2017 c6 Bennyweirlover17
Love it
6/9/2017 c5 Bennyweirlover17
Done it again nice job
6/9/2017 c4 Bennyweirlover17
Great update
6/9/2017 c3 Bennyweirlover17
Love this one
6/9/2017 c2 Bennyweirlover17
Another great one awesome job
6/9/2017 c1 Bennyweirlover17
Great first chapter
5/4/2015 c8 58TiredOfBeingNice
To answer your question, ya...me and my sister can get into arguements (ridiculous ones too), but we are pretty close to the hip anyway ;)

I was about to go to bed and then I saw this and in all like "shit! I need to read this an review it!" So I did ;)

I remember writing Just Friends, Best Friends, etc. all if them followed the episode, and it kinda annoyed me.
But when I got to write my own stuff, it was awesome.

Off topic, aren't we? Great chapter!
3/26/2015 c7 DeletedAccount9999999999
Really good chapter. please update
2/17/2015 c7 TiredOdBeingNice
Oh my gosh! Jasmine is reminding me of.. Me! I M an older sister, and she has that nice attitude. Awesome! When their parents died..geez why world?! Great chappie fanfic buddy
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