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10/13/2020 c23 Froschfrosch
Oh boy did I enjoy this! Genuinely interesting and engaging story, Doctor Who cameo (well who wouldn't), Coulson et al... AND Spider-Man!Harry ? I've been spoiled! much thanks OP
2/7/2020 c7 dragonfox123
Amazing chapter and plot and idea
12/5/2015 c3 Guest
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11/18/2015 c3 Guest
7/6/2015 c18 23ManfredsAwesomeAdmin95
I am loving this so far! The way you portray Harry as a lovable nerd intent on helping to save New York instead of falling into his father's madness is like a cool drink of water on a summer day. I'm curious to see how he will react when the Goblin finally is unmasked, though. Keep it up! :)
6/9/2015 c11 4Rye Scop
Hey! I've just finished reading ch. 11, and I don't know if you noticed or not, but the security guard, James Barnes, has the same name as the Winter Soldier. Did you do this on purpose? Or is this just a nod to the Avengers?
3/15/2015 c15 1St0rmRid3r
I see you added a partner to spirdy. I was hoping you would add the black cat. Is Kelvin an oc cuz i don't know an character in the spirdy mythos named kelvin? Love the story by the way. Keep up the great work.
3/2/2015 c10 edizabas
this story surely is going to be complicated when harry find out about the carnage his father has done.
2/6/2015 c5 DanceOfTheCrystalRose1993
Attached not attacked
In the last three lines
Sorry had to be mentioned
Any-hoo I am loving this story so far, that and this is the first time I've seen this done good on you for thinking it up

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