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for The Beginings of Uncle Nigel

11/1/2019 c2 1FrikFrakTikTak
What is the p?
3/30/2018 c1 BlackxAlphaxYaoi
this is amazing can't wait for more
3/15/2018 c5 2dragonlover9
While the story is good you seem to be having trouble keeping characters and dates on track. Such as mcgonnigal telling Red and Nigel about hogwarts. Then making her a student later on. I find that rereading the chapters I’ve written previously tends to help with that. It can be hard keeping track of everything after a certain point. But the general plot and where you’re going or trying to go with this story is rather good.
1/5/2018 c55 12creativesm75
1/2/2018 c55 Ian Shaw
Hey Asshole too cowardly to actually leave a real name instead of 'Guest',
Shut the Hell Up before I decided to hack your connection though the backdoor you left by posting that shit. I happen to know the Guy who writes this story, which I highly doubt you do. But just for your information, in case you finally grow a pair and despite to sprout your bullshit to his face instead of hiding behind your 'anonymous' protection; he practically lives at The Royal Marsden Hospital. I doubt you have the intelligence to look up what exactly is treated there so allow me to fill you in; Its called Cancer.
He's been undergoing treatment but the doctors have informed us that if it failed, he won't make another year. So Congratulations you piece of shit, don't you feel proud of yourself for telling someone to go ' fucking die, painfully' without even taking a moment to stop and think that maybe- just maybe- the person on the other side of the screen might already be doing that because of their own genetics are fucking them over.
The next time you decide to spread your fucking negativity, I suggest you stop and take a moment to think about who you might be speaking about and what they might be going through and if you do decided to leave it anyway; leave your name.
12/8/2017 c7 Guest
Go fucking die, painfully, for writing this shit.
11/18/2017 c55 1buterflypuss
Good chapter
8/21/2017 c54 12creativesm75
very good chapter. I like it.
8/13/2017 c20 10Kuraihikaru
I love the story so far, but really... the word is found, not fount... So. Many. Spelling. Errors. It makes my eye twitch. But I digress, I do love this story; it puts a smile on my face, (while my twitches.)
8/13/2017 c54 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/22/2017 c53 12creativesm75
very good
6/21/2017 c53 1buterflypuss
good chaps
6/10/2017 c51 draco7347
really love this awesome story cant wait for brand new chapters
2/14/2017 c49 buterflypuss
if he really wanted to guarantee harrys timeline staying the same wouldnt he have to take everything away from him with those encounters with red?
10/21/2016 c47 10NigelTux
There are some things no one wants to know My Friend and I agree that a Mother Hen Paranoia isn't Life or Death for anyone but you.
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