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4/18/2015 c5 anonyme
it's a very good story . I love testuya/eijun pairing .
4/1/2015 c5 OhMy56
yes i loved this sorry i haven't been revieving since i had school... well yeah thank you for writing this keep at it since i really really like this and hope to see more;)
3/1/2015 c3 OhMy56
yes thanks for updating, again I really liked this as always please keep it up:)
and not complaining just mentioning that there were few grammar mistakes mostly grammatical tense but not anything serious. I mean I could easily understand everything no problem just caught the eye and though to mention since pretty much every author want to get better, right
and if you write in a hurry it is bound to happen so don't worry so much(hopefully not at all) because your story is good and I really like reading it so thank you for writing this amazing work:)
2/11/2015 c2 ssspooky
OMG tetsu x sawamura! You HAVE to continue this fic! I only ship couples that nobody writes about... U_U
2/10/2015 c2 aya -.- desu
YukiEijun ! Omg! Love them...
1/27/2015 c2 OhMy56
Aaah thank you so much for continuing this story and making for it(maybe) tetsuxeijun since there is not much of those two:) there were some grammar errors/misspelling but nothing serious (it happens to everyone) you could still understand what was happening and all. but what is goukon? l should know but can not get it into my head right now...and also about ideas...well how about (just some thoughs honestly sorry if they suck... ) like some cuteness as always but maybe not too much and eijun kinda teasing yuki (maybe eijun got some of miyukis personality...) also why i have a image of eijun having an allergic attack and tetsu helping and one thing leads to another maybe sexual?(if you want) Anyway this were not real ideas and i am sorry i send you a message when i have more concreate ideas (if it is okay with you) meanwhile i am anxiously waiting for next chapter of this amazing story and again thank you so much for writing this and please keep doing so
1/1/2015 c1 OhMy56
yeaiei l love it there were maybe some grammar errors here and there but not anything serious:) also i liked that this could maybe be yukixeijun based story but if it is not its okay and yes l would love if you would keep on writing this story but its up to you but anyway thank you for writing and please keep doing so:)
1/1/2015 c1 pat
muhahaha :3 i don't know about others taste but i love this one 3
12/31/2014 c1 21redpenkiller
Thank God for Tetsu!

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