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2/22/2022 c6 Yuzuchan45
What happened, the incident has already passed so it should be in past tense
2/22/2022 c7 Yuzuchan45
Why are is your hand and finger bandaged like that?
7/10/2020 c1 correaannette806
hello a question I can send this story as a translator in Spanish to wattpad please if it is not much trouble
9/23/2019 c20 lizabetmonte
I really liked it could finish this fanfic
8/24/2019 c21 Some Random Guy
Really loved the stories especially when Masaki becomes of overprotective and dominating Tatsuya, very nice. It’s hard finding Fanfics with these two so I hope you do continue on with series.
7/23/2018 c1 CalistaVerseau
OMG! I liked but The thing of LINE LINE LINE. That shit kill me
5/13/2018 c1 milimoon1001
I know it's been like 2 years but I have to say this is amazing and I hope u could create a sequel cause there is just not enough fanfics of the ship
8/5/2017 c21 IshidaSensei
Sorry for reveiwing after over a year... I guess you decided to end this? I really loved it, so it is a bit sad to see it end... but thank you for and amazing story and all the hard work!
7/6/2017 c21 Guest
LOVE d it
I really wish there were more masaki x tatsuya fanfic
Thank you for providing a very good one though 3
6/3/2016 c20 akihanabito
Please continue writing this story!
3/5/2016 c20 TatsuyaMasaki
The smut scene is hot. Hehe. I want more. Anyways, what are your plans regarding the "acceptance" of their relationship by Masakis's father. Will Tatsuya get pregnant (kyah!)? With their tech, I think it's possible for male preg. Or someone can provide the heir; Masaki has 2 little sister, right? So their children can be their heir. Also, I think Masaki's father will accept Tatsuya once he learns he is a strategic-class magician and Silver Taurus. Hehe. Thanks!
2/26/2016 c20 hi its yuki
Remember me! its ur biggest fan srry 4 not reviewing in ages. but i was busy. btw ur guilty pleasure. love u forever yuki. also pls continue
2/5/2016 c19 IshidaSensei
Hello, it's me again! First of all I saw you mention me in ch:18 I don't remember what I wrote last time, but I hope I didn't say anything offending... But well it cute that you mentioned me, thank you!

I love the relationship between Tatsuya and Masaki! And I especially liked the last scene in ch:19! It was so cute! When I read the story I cheer for Tatsuya and Masaki's relationship. Then I'm concerned about Maya, what she plans... Your writing makes me fear her and be scared what she will do next! (I'm really worried) And then Miyuki... I don't know what to feel about her... For some reason I just don't like her... yes I am concerned for her, but I don't like her for like 'leaving' Tatsuya all alone... I know she did comeback to help him, but well still...

I'm really excited to see how you will proceed from now on! Still a great job and thanks for your hard work! I will look forward to your next update!

~Greeting, IshidaSensei~
1/20/2016 c19 YuukiCrossAndSis
OMG! I love you!
Marry me! I am sooo thankful for your effort into this amazing fic!
I am totally gonna stalk jk, recently i am addicted to this game called yandere simulator, you should play it!{requires download} Ok we're going off the topic, i have written you a poem.
for how Inseparable i am with your Fics and Ideas.
for my Longing for this fic to update, i wait Forever.
for my Over protectiveness of Tatsu-chan, Tatsu I wanna keep You!
for the Value of how much this fic is to me, thanks to this fic my Life is not Over.
for Everyday i re-read this fic, You finally Update.
for your understanding of how much i love this fic, I luv Woo!
for your supposed superpowers, you have the ability to make me love this fic sooooo much more! I am Obsessed.
O. Is for my OTP, Go! MasaTatsu! Make sure Tatsu can't walk after honeymoon Night.
for the Money you'll make if this gets published worlwide. Pssst most of the cash will be from me, Teehee!
for your fans Underneath your Fan cloud, That includes Us!
C. Is for Carrying on with this story, Continue 4ever Please!
for your Happiness, i wish you for the best, every Day
for me going over the moon when you update, round of Applause!
for refraining me from Killing myself when you wont update, Thanks!
for Amazing you! Your fic is my Everything!
for You! An amazing Author! you are Incredible!
!. Is for !, My loves!
:D Is for me being happy, My Life!
;D Is for random winky face, I feel so Drained...
0. Is for another random thing. Indescribable...
oAo. Is the last frandom thingy, Done! Thnx for Everything!

Okay my poem has a hidden message in it, Take the first letter from the last word of each sentence in the poem, do it in order, then put them all together, it spells something out, NOTE; It doesnt have spaces.
12/20/2015 c17 3Sobori
This story is so precious. I'm glad that that scum's dead. I was just Masaki when Tatsuya was injured. I was like, 'Nuuuuhhh! Tatsuya, that precious baby!' But then I remembered that he can heal himself but still, thank you Masaki, for finishing off that scum! That scum does not deserve Tatsuya.

Such a great story, I'll continue to wait for the next chapter! Good luck!

I wonder how Tatsuya would tell Masaki about himself...
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