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for A Change Is Going To Come

12/31/2016 c2 Guest
Callie should eat shit since she is shit.
12/20/2015 c1 Lexi
I really enjoyed reading this, your writing is great. I like the way you portrayed the characters it was very true to the show. Some parts were less believable than others, though. Alex and Jo have never been this confrontational. Usually Jo is ignored and she sinks off into her own misery and suffers quietly. She's never been one to stand up for herself. And Amelia isn't as perky as you write her, she isn't really showing her dark side at all in this. April and Jackson though, that was very similar to the show it sounded like it was actually a scene from the show. I could honestly picture them fighting in my head. Great job.
12/20/2015 c1 GreysAnalyzed
I think you did a great job of capturing the character's voices. I was reading this and actually picturing the actors in my head, very believable. Amy was the only one I found hard to see, she was never really that perky. She always has some sort of snide comment to make. All I'm saying is her dark side isn't really portrayed through the character herself here. I really enjoyed reading this great job.
4/23/2015 c15 Patsy
OMG! Can you believe Shonda? At least MerDer will live on in fanfiction and in my heart! Pleasr continue this story and let Mer be ok! This is really a great story!
3/23/2015 c14 Patsy
I really love this story-don't let Meredith die! Please update soon
3/24/2015 c14 AZsgirl
Yay for Callie and AZ but sad face for Meredith! Is Amelia going to go ahead with Herman's surgery!?
3/23/2015 c14 anne0717
Oh WOW! Can't wait for more!
3/14/2015 c13 Patsy
Great chapter need more MerDer! Looking forward to next chapter
3/12/2015 c13 Patsy
Great update cannot wait for next chapter! This is a greAt story! Looking forward to Derek coming home!
3/13/2015 c13 AZsgirl
does Callie want a baby with AZ?
3/2/2015 c12 Patsysu
Its time for MerDer to get back together! I think they need to talk together! Please update soonish
3/2/2015 c12 AZsgirl
Will Callie agree? How did April's surgery go?
2/14/2015 c11 Patsy Smith
Meredith needs to relate more with I would like to see her go to DC for a long talk with Derek. Love Izzie and Alex update soonish!
2/14/2015 c11 AZsgirl
I love Callie is mKing AZ a super duper new leg!
2/5/2015 c10 AZsgirl
Like seeing Alex with Izzie again! Callie is going to build AZ the perfect leg...now AZ has a temp leg will AZ move out?
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