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for The Saiyans of Fairy Tail

7/22/2018 c1 5TheJSmooth
Oh no... They're here~ lol
7/17/2018 c30 Guest
You doing perfect keep going
6/8/2018 c13 1Spriggan 12
I do not know, but seeing a romance between Erza and Natsu seems a little out of logic, you started with a romance Goku and Erza I liked the idea, then you gave a very valid point of view, Goku would never betray Chi-Chi, but That does not mean that Erza likewise can not feel a strong attraction towards Goku, it would be more logical if it is not Jellal. Let's think is the prototype of man who would fit perfect with Titania, Powerful, Kind, Kind, Cheerful, Pure but a relentless warrior consummated in battles, a total fighting genius. The romance Erza and Natsu never even hinted at Fairy Tail's Manga, as I said it was better Erza and Jellal or even an Erza and Gray that as far as I could analyze, Gray Fullbuster attracted Erza Scarlett at the beginning of the Anime. It's not matching, it's at least making a romance something that could be described as a CHEMISTRY between both characters. your story is perfect in terms of Narration, Arguments and Character Development, but I believe and excuse my daring, you should reconsider the pairing of characters a little, Natsu looks good with Lucy or Lisanna until Yukino fits perfect, in this section until Vegeta would look great with Juvia Lockster, the prince of the Saiyan in some measure is similar to Gray, is a character Proud, Serious and very Reserved but has something that Gray would want to have apart from Clear power this, and that is class, vegeta has class to speak, has class even when insults, plus Vegeta if I knew how to take the harassment of Juvia without looking like a patan. Goku and Erza make excellent partners I admit, but I also admit that Vegeta and Goku would never betray their partners ... hahaha Saiyajin falls in love only once .. as age do not worry Goku and Vegeta could have 33 and 40 respectively but his physique should be that of a man of no more than 25. I'll leave this comment in chapter 13, I'll continue to see if in the next chapter you do not commit what would be a big mistake for my friend, and I repeat again, I know it's your story and I should not get involved, but you said at the beginning of the that you accepted constructive advice and criticism ... your Fic is perfect, I only hope you have in mind the characters and if not pss this advice can serve you in the future, good luck
3/29/2018 c16 Guest
Says you Vegeta don't you ever notice you and Piccolo sounded so similar not just your future son.
1/26/2018 c30 1YeTianshi
I really liked this fic, I hope you continue it :D
1/26/2018 c23 YeTianshi
You know, that barrier always hit me as kind of OP for something like Freed. I mean the ability to trap someone of any level of power? Seems weird, especially if the caster is much weaker than the ones trapped.
How Makarov couldn't escape that place even though he was one of the ten saint wizards always confused me.
1/25/2018 c19 YeTianshi
I saw that father/daughter relationship coming! I think it's great, though I'm not sure if Vegeta and Natsu will be able to develop a relationship like that, though I can see it sort of. Vegeta has never been proud of anyone other than himself and his son, so the fact that he can give nods and praise to Natsu says a lot in my opinion.
1/25/2018 c30 00esoteric00
I truly hope you continue writing this soon not only because I am completely in love with this story, but also because it is absolutely wonderful and I would hate for it to not reach its conclusion.
1/25/2018 c9 YeTianshi
I really hope you let Vegeta catch up to Goku, the whole point of them being rivals is that they can challenge each other in my opinion. I'm not saying let Vegeta be stronger or anything, but they should be equal. I don't even know why Vegeta isn't training harder to surpass Goku at this point.
1/25/2018 c8 YeTianshi
Whoa, WHOA! I literally stopped reading for a second there to come and write this. "Me and Gohan"!? This is AFTER Majin Buu right? So Vegeta is stronger than Gohan at this point, especially considering how Gohan slacked off and Vegeta kept training and achieved SSJ2 after the whole Majin thing.
1/25/2018 c5 YeTianshi
Oh wow, a million a day. I'm not sure if that says more about Vegeta and Goku's appetite or about the price of the food xD
1/7/2018 c19 bad wolfe
I loved the newer relationship between goku and erza! (father/daughter kinda thing?)
12/17/2017 c30 1Iynxx
11/21/2017 c30 DBZFT fan
Any chance for the story to continue? I've really enjoyed thus far and it would be a shame for the story to end so abruptly.
11/12/2017 c20 cyzja922
kaio-what? Perfect reaction
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