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for Blindness

7h c8 11stevem1
This was a great chapter. I like the hint that Harry and Hermione’s friendship might grow to be more.
8h c2 stevem1
This Dumbledore has dropped to zero respect in my book. He’s a thief, giving the Potter invisibility cloak to Neville.
5/7 c13 peterco
Love this so far. Beautifully written.
5/6 c1 adammflatt
This was not what i wanted, what i looked for, or even the type of story I usually enjoy, and yet i couldn’t put it down. It felt like i was on one of the gringotts carts every time i got used to the pace and thought i could see the path ahead there would be a sudden turn and we would be going in a completely different direction. Fabulous writing
4/28 c38 Darkangel28541
This was amazing. Heartfelt, funny, beautiful, terrible, everything that life is and has to offer. Wonderfully written.
4/27 c38 Guest
Still just as good the second time.
4/19 c38 MiaMorn
A great read
4/18 c1 Soraslove
So... harry's blind. And the dark lord is coming for him..
4/18 c38 5Queen Farli
This story is beautiful: in description, in content, in structure and flow.

I don't know if I've reviewed before but I love it. I want an epilogue but none is necessary as it is perfect.

A lovely and deep story, slowly morphing and changing with an alien yet cohesive perspective. I found it really moving this read through.

Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that your life has gotten easier.

Queen Farli
4/16 c5 NightFyl
Did you really just
4/14 c38 3vach.tm
Great work! I love every word, it's amazing! You have such a wonderful talent. I read your bio and I hope that you are fine. Don't worry. Remember that things happen for a reason.
Thank you for sharing your work with us! It's incredible!
4/11 c38 Guest
thank you for this
4/8 c1 Guest
A good story, entertaining. But god damn if Hermione annoying in this, feels more like Molly W. I had to even skip pages where she is because she doesn’t really contributes anything. Also Harry is basically God so there are no stakes, not really.
4/7 c33 Naiden
Wow can't believe how much you just ruined Hermione's character. So many authors decide to make characters completely out of control once they're in a relationship.
4/2 c38 Callum Runchman
It would have been fun to have a epilogue many years later, or even centuries later in which we could have seen the potential of Harry's plans come in fruition and how they changed the world. To see Harry and Hermione living forever experimenting, learning, growing maybe even having a family. We could have seen flashes of the vampire civil war that was hinted at and their integration into society in their new forms. It for me would have rounded off this whole story perfectly.
Anyway still amazing and one of the best fanfictions I've read in a long time
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